9 Months Old

Sunday is a big day in our house. Our little guy is turning 9 months old. Nine Months…

Where has the time gone?!

Every day he is learning something new and showing more of his personality. He’s stubborn like his Mom, loves laughing at Dad’s weird noises, hates waking up too early like Mom and is a heavy sleeper like his Dad.

He still looks incredibly like J, but every once in awhile I can see a little bit of me sticking out. But then it fades away and he goes back to look just like his Daddy.

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He’s inquisitive and mischievous. Always into something and never wanting to sit still.

He’s been crawling everywhere and pulling himself up whenever one of us is near (darn slick floors… he’s fallen a few times and has quickly learned to have one of us around). He constantly says “Daddy” and every once in awhile he sneaks a “Momma” in to melt my heart.

He loves most foods, except peas and meats. Which we are still working on. He thinks it’s fun to drink out of his sippy cup and prefers to feed himself the bottle, but ends up playing with it more than eating.

He’s my everything.

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