Baby’s First Food

Not too long ago we got the clear from our peditrician to start feeding our little man solids.  I was so excited – I couldn’t wait for him to try food.  But then the fear of what foods, how much, should I make my own or not make my own started setting in.  So of course I turned to Pinterest and found some really helpful tips.  Then I decided to go with my gut along with other mom’s advice.

I wanted to make sure I knew what was going into his food.  I knew the only way to really know was to make my own.  I created a list of foods to try, a sample schedule, and headed out to the store.  I was able to buy so much for so little.  I came home and started cooking right away.  First up was carrots, then apples, followed by pears.  I wanted to not overwhelm myself so I went with foods that I knew would be easy to prepare.  I purchased rice cereal and I plan on purchasing meats along with any vegetables and fruits I don’t feel comfortable with.  

I did my research too on the foods I prepared.  I wanted to make sure I cooked them long enough to break down any sugars and to make them easier to puree.  I wanted to make sure my puree was thin enough for his mouth and digestive system.  I also waned to try foods that would help him expand his tastes at an early age.  

We tried carrots first – my favorite!  J and I recorded him trying carrots for the first time.  I don’t think he enjoyed them as much as I wanted him to though.  Don’t mind the no sound during the video.  J and I were not impressed with us – only our little one.  So I edited out the sound so you could focus on the baby. 

We waited three days before introducing apples to make sure he wouldn’t have a reaction.  The apples went a lot smoother and now if we mix carrots with apples then he seems to not mind carrots so much.  After a few days of that combination I brought in the rice cereal.  Again, as long as there are apples with it then he seems happy.  Next up is pears that I made last weekend.  I decided to make the food then freeze what I can so I’m not having to scramble during the weeknights.  

I’m going to put together the baby food schedule we followed and are following.  I couldn’t find one that fit what I wanted and I really think it would have been super helpful starting out.  

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