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Making Your Own Baby Food – Pears

easy baby food recipes

Today I wanted to keep going with our baby food making adventure.  I thought I would add pears to the mix.  This is the easiest recipe ever!  Technically you don’t even have to cook them since they are such a soft fruit.  However, by cooking the pears you can help break down the sugars.  It makes it a lot easier for your little one’s digestive system to break them down.  I’m all about making it easier on their little bodies, especially since this whole solid food thing is so new to him.

I created a video that walks through making your own baby food.

Or you can follow along below.  It’s super, super easy to make this puree.  I love it!

make your own baby food

Pureed Pears

3 pears, or more (any kind will work) – $1.77 pound
Pot of boiling water

Wash and peel your pears. Deseed and chop them.  Add to the pot of boiling water and let cook for about 5-8 minutes.  Strain.  Blend in a food processor or blender.  I use my Magic Bullet that I purchased about 3 years ago.  The younger your little one is the smoother your puree should be.

The best part about this whole recipe is that it takes less than 10 minutes!

It’s also not an expensive recipe to make, too.  In my last post, I talked about how much jarred baby foods cost.  I averaged it out and it came to be about $0.60 an ounce!  I knew I could beat that by making them on my own.  So far I’ve come out on top every single time.  This one is no different.


I love saving money!! Boom!

Once it was all said and done, I put my extra puree in my Fresh N Freeze Reusable Containers and the OXO Baby Food Tray.  For less than $15 I’m not able to make extra food, free them and then pop them into the fridge a few days before he’s ready to eat.

How To Make Your Own Baby Food for the Whole Month

easy baby food recipes

This past weekend I decided to jump feet first into making our own baby food for our little guy.  I didn’t want to go overboard just starting out and get in too deep.  Since our little guy is just starting solids, I knew he wouldn’t be eating a huge portion.  I made enough to last the next month and decided to freeze what he wouldn’t be eating within a three day period.  That way I didn’t waste any food.  

I used my Magic Bullet that I already owned to puree everything, too.  I didn’t think I needed to purchase anything special to make your own baby food.

To make sure I could freeze everything and keep it fresh tasting, I purchased a few containers on amazon.  I got this OXO baby food tray and Fresh N Freeze Reusable Containers.  All together they were less than $15, which I thought was a great price.  I really like the reusable containers because they stack into one another and the lids screw closed.  That way I know they are sealed tight.  

The containers hold 2 ounces while the tray’s slots hold 3/4 ounce.  I plan on using one container for three days, at least for now.  I wanted to start with carrots and then work my way into apples.  I talked with my pediatrician and she said that it didn’t matter, which food I started with – vegetables or fruit.  I love carrots and thought… hmm, let’s start him with my favorite!

I made enough for the month by being able to freeze the unneeded portion.  Then I will just pop it into the fridge a day or so before we’re ready to use it so it can thaw.  

It’s important to only introduce one food at a time.  That way if your little one has a reaction you will know which food caused it.  Here’s my schedule for introducing solids the first month.  You’ll notice I don’t have a ton of different foods in this schedule.  Mainly because I didn’t want to overwhelm myself since there is so much information out there.  Once we get these down and I feel comfortable making my own baby food, then I will introduce a larger variety next month.  

I created a video that walks through the whole process from start to finish, watch it here: 

Or keep following and I walkthrough the process.

There were 2 reasons I wanted to make my own baby food for our little guy.  I could control what was going into his food.  Also, price.  I looked at my local store and it was averaging about $0.60 an ounce.  I knew I could beat that!  So I took a challenge to see.  

how to make homemade baby food

Pureed Carrots

6 organic carrots @ 3.38 per package, used half so it was $1.69
6 Tbs. water
Filled Pot of Water

Wash and peel carrots.  Chop into bite-sized pieces.  Let cook in a pot of boiling water for about 10 minutes or until a fork can be easily pushed through the carrot.  Strain.  Put into food processor, blender, or baby bullet.  Add 1-2 Tablespoons of water, as needed.  Blend until smooth.

Note: Because of the nitrates.  You do not want to use the cooking water to blend with the carrots.  You do not want to put nitrates back into your little one’s food.

This recipe made about 10 ounces of carrots, so it came out to be $0.17 per ounce!

make your own baby food

Pureed Apples

5 apples (any kind will do) @ 1.77 per pound = 2.47
Pot of boiling water

Wash and peel apples. De-core them and make sure you have removed all of the seeds.  Roughly chop into bite-sized pieces.  Place in boiling water for about 5-8 minutes.  Strain.  Place in food processor or blender.  Blend until smooth.  

Note: You can use the cooking water this time around to blend the apples, but apples are a watery fruit so it should not be needed.  

This recipe made 16 ounces so it came out to be $0.15 per ounce!

how to make homemade baby food

I was totally able to beat the store price for baby food.  Plus I feel so good about what went into his first foods.  I do know my limits and do not plan on cooking anything above what I feel comfortable at.  So I will more than likely not be pureeing any meats anytime soon.

The younger your little one is the more smooth you want the puree to be.  It’s pretty easy to make your own homemade baby food.  These two recipes took less than an hour start to finish.  I have enough food for about a month for our little one.  Especially since he’s just being introduced to solids and isn’t eating a huge portion right now.  


Florida Vacation, Take Two

Well J and I have been super blessed this summer. Not only having we’ve been giving an amazing son, but we’ve been able to travel to Florida twice!, meredith rines, baby on beach, beach hacks for baby, meredith rines, baby on beach, beach hacks for baby

We went with my family back in June and we just got home from a trip with his whole family. It was a blast! Lots of swimming, lots of hanging out and lots of laughing were part of this trip.  This trip we went a little further into Florida and stayed at Indian Shores Rock Beach.  I have to say the beach was amazing!  The sand was pretty, the water was warm and we were super close to the water from our condo.  We even had a spiral staircase that took us straight down to the pool., meredith rines, baby on beach, beach hacks for baby, meredith rines, baby on beach, beach hacks for baby, meredith rines, baby on beach, beach hacks for baby, meredith rines, baby on beach, beach hacks for baby

The pool was in the shade most mornings, so we tried to stay at the pool before lunch then head to the beach afterwards.  I was a little worried about our guy getting too much sun, so we stayed in part of a few days while he napped to keep him out of the sun completely.  He did great though.  I really think he loves the water.  The ocean instantly calms him and he could just float around in our arms all day.  The water was pretty calm for most of the trip and even the days it was a bit rougher, it wasn’t really that bad.  

Our little boy is going to be a beach bum before we know it – too bad Missouri only has man-made beaches at the lake that aren’t not very good., meredith rines, baby on beach, beach hacks for baby

I used the laundry basket in our first trip to the beach and I can really tell how much our little guy has grown in comparison.  My mom got him these great sunglasses from amazon.  He didn’t mind them on at all and I think it helped him nap a few times because it blocked out more light.  We did have a canopy on the beach to help give us shade, too.

beach vacation, family photo

My sister-in-law is a photographer and she took some family photos of everyone.  My mother-in-law wanted each family in a bright color then when we call came together it would look really cool.  Of course Justin chose orange, which is his favorite color.  I’m still not crazy about my post-baby body still, but I decided to let my insecurities go and not hide my body in a huge, oversized dress.  I think our picture turned out amazing!

We took his 3 month pictures at the beach… they may have been a few days late, but I don’t think it matters too much when you can get a great picture.  I still can’t believe our baby is 3 months old.  Soon he’ll be four then five then six… and I might have to start crying over how big he is getting., meredith rines, baby on beach, beach hacks for baby  

I have a beach and pool baby hacks post coming your way soon.  I can’t way to show off what were lifesavers with our little guy.

What’s in My Diaper Bag?

*Affiliate Disclosure: Please note that when you click links and purchase items, in most (not all) cases I will receive a referral commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link.

What's In My Diaper Bag

I just love those “What’s in my bag” posts that other bloggers do.  So I thought today I would share my version of…

What’s in my diaper bag?

Because let’s be honest, that’s all I’ve been carrying lately.  I have been switching between an actual diaper bag and then carrying an oversized tote around.  

The actual diaper bag I carry is from Chicco.  It’s big, has loads of pockets, and it even has an insulated zipper pocket that’s pretty handy.  The only downside is that it doesn’t like to stay on my shoulder very well.  The straps just slide off and when you’re juggling a car seat in the rain the last thing you want is your bag to slide down making it even harder to get around.  They don’t have the one I received online anymore, but this one is similar.

I also have a few totes that I’ve converted into diaper bags.  They aren’t as handy since they don’t have inside pockets, but they stay on my shoulder so I can’t complain.

I also have a nice diaper changing pad clutch that I can throw in to any bag.  So I carry that around whenever I’m just running into a place real quick.

what's in my diaper bag

I’ve been eyeing this diaper bag from Lily-Jade for awhile now, but it’s pretty steep for my budget.  I’ve been trying to save up for it and hope to get it soon.  I just think it’s so pretty and I love the fact it converts from a messenger bag to tote to backpack.  I think even J wouldn’t mind carrying it, but who am I kidding?  He doesn’t mind to carry the diaper bag at all!  

I created a quick video post showing what’s all in my diaper bag.  You can check it out on Youtube.  I also linked some of the products below, too.

what's in my diaper bag

Diaper Bag Must Haves

A&D ointment
Changing Pad (mine came with my diaper bag, but I liked the clutch I received as a gift better, so I use that one)
Diaper Pad Clutch
Extra Onsies (I usually pack 2 just to be safe)
Pacifier Wipes
Dr. Brown’s Bottles
Bottle Holder for when I am tossing everything into a tote
Bottled Water
Burp Cloth
Light Blanket
Hand Lotion for me
Hand Sanitizer
Cell Phone
Car Keys

What's In My Diaper Bag, thirty-one bag

Diaper Pad Clutch

I keep a few extra diapers in here, wipes, and an extra onsie.  That way if we go out to eat or I just need to run in somewhere then I don’t need to haul everything else around.  It makes it a lot easier.

What's In My Diaper Bag, 31 bag


Florida Vacation Recap – Baby’s First Time to the Beach, meredith rines (7)

We got home this past weekend from Florida. It was such an amazing trip! Our house was about 100 feet from the beach and had killer views!  The whole top floor was a master suite, which my parents claimed! HAHA! We ate yummy seafood at every meal, we went shark fishing off the coast and J even cooked up our catch!  We spent majority of our time at the beach., meredith rines (7)

I also spent a lot of time snuggling our little guy!  He did great at the beach!  We took him in the ocean and he liked it.  He didn’t cry at all, even when a wave came and splashed both of us in the face pretty good.  It didn’t even phase him.  I think it’s safe to say we have a water baby and I couldn’t be happier! I love water, I always have., meredith rines (7), meredith rines (7), meredith rines (7), meredith rines (7)

I saw on Pinterest this great idea of using a laundry basket at the beach and it worked great.  It was easy to haul stuff down, a non-sandy place for the baby to nap and if he was still sleeping when it was time to go in then I just picked it up.  His sleep was undisturbed!  I’m working on a post of all the beach tips and tricks we discovered.  It was a breeze travelling with him., meredith rines (7), meredith rines (7), meredith rines (7), meredith rines (7), meredith rines (7), meredith rines (7), first time to the beach