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5 Things I’m Excited For {And a Free iPhone backgrounds download}

April is almost over and May is right around the corner.  I have a post coming later this week with my goals for May, but today I wanted to share what I’m excited for (plus free iPhone backgrounds for May).

1) Spring cleaning is in full bloom at our household. I’m selling furniture, donating clothes, and dejunking.
2) Tiny becoming braver and braver.  Our once scared-of-everything pup is finally coming out of her shell around some of our good friends and family.
3) Consistently meal planning my lunches, dinners, and even my breakfasts.
4) Trashing J’s old {and broken} recliner.
5) Going to a Cards games with J.
free iphone backgroundNothing beats having something to be excited about and look forward to.  I’m pretty lucky that April has been very busy with lots of fun memories with our friends and family.  I’m also double lucky that May shows no signs of slowing down.

free iphone background download
I wanted to design a cute calendar and background images for my iPhone for May.  After they were done, I thought to myself “I should really share these.”  I mean, they’re cute and functional.  It’s a win-win.  Click here to be taken to the images.  Password is love may.  Save them to your iPhone to set as a home screen or lock screen.  (the photos on the next page do not have the overlay on them)  They are formatted for the iPhone, but I’m sure you can use them for other devices as well.  I have them on my iPad, too!

Idea-less Tuesday

Once upon a time there was this girl who had a little blog.  This girl loves to talk, share stories, and create all day long.  She loves to spend time with her two dogs, her fiance and family.  Most days this girl has no trouble coming up with stories and DIY projects or tips to share with people.  However, then there was a Tuesday where she had no idea what to talk about.  That has never happened before.

If you cannot tell this girl is me and the little blog is this one.  And I really am idea-less on what to talk about.  I thought I would share some pictures of the past few days instead of being creative.

st louis bread co

Office for the day

wedding makeup

Trial run for the wedding!

Cardinals Game

J and I at the Cards v. Cubs game.

Busch Stadium

Best view

That Thing You Do!

That Thing You Do!
One of the best movies ever made.

lazy dog

Lean on me

I got your back, sis! #dog #dogloveSometimes it’s nice to know that someone has your back.


Dog love

A new way to get work done. #dogI woke Tiny from her nap. Oops! #dogPrincess. #dogI take too many dog pictures. But hey! I’ve accepted it.


Love <3

Lazy Sunday evening. #perfection
Lazy days with the one I love our priceless.

Days like these

Sleeping beauty.
On days that start off like this one
where Maggie and I spend most of morning in bed, watching rom-coms on Netflix and being lazy
then I can guarantee you that my class notes for the day will look a little like this.

Here’s hoping today is better than yesterday for my attention span.

Fall y’all

Last week it finally started to feel like fall around these parts. I was excited. I love fall.

Something about the cooler weather, carving pumpkins, and sweaters to make me happy.

sweater: Ross, leggings: TJ Maxx, boots: Hunter, purse: Coach (similar here), watch: Relic, bracelets: given.

Happiest 5K – The Color Run

Finished @TheColorRun this morning in #memphis. Had a blast!!UntitledUntitled

Finished The Color Run in Memphis this past weekend. Ummmm…. it was awesome! First off – everyone is there to have a good time. I mean, competing for time was just going to mean that you ended up with little to no paint on you. And who would want that?


Color explosion at the end of the party.


Then we headed down to Beale Street for a night out. I made sure to look pretty darn awesome. haha

September Favorites


Looking back at my favorite fall posts for the month of September.


Random past couple weeks means that I get some really random photos.