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Maggie – so grownup

Maggie will be four in a few months and it’s hard to believe. I honestly couldn’t imagine a life without her or the past four years with another dog. Maggie came into my life at a time of transition. I was going to embark living on my own for the first time – no parents and no roommates. At the time I learned that I was going to be all on my own, my Mom’s coworker discovered a pregnant stray on her farm. The mom had a litter of puppies. All looked very different. Knowing that she couldn’t keep all of these puppies, she began to search for new homes. I drove over 2 hours to see the two females out of the group. The one that stuck out and the cutest with her black fluffy hair was Maggie.

That was it. I was hooked. Now, I’m a dog mom.

Four years have flown by. We’ve lived in three different homes. By ourselves and with a roommate including a chihuahua. Maggie has a personality all her own and she no longer is a black fluffy girl, now she is a long, blonde hair dog that loves to sleep on my feet throughout the night and cuddle with my pillow in the early morning hours.

It really has been a wonderful four years and I can’t wait to see what the next phase will be for her and for me.

September Favorites


Looking back at my favorite fall posts for the month of September.

A litte treat

Peanut Butter3peanut butter
Someone got a little treat… peanut butter. Think it was a successful treat.

Rules to live by around here

I think Maggie, the pup dog, likes to remind me just which rules we follow around here.  I was so politely reminded of that this week when she wanted to cuddle real close right after I survived another CrossFit workout.

Thought this was too funny, and yet true.

Happy Sunday!

source: SOS Animals UK Facebook

Friday Five

clouds copy

1) I have a thing for cloud pictures. I think that’s apparent.

driving copy

2) I’ve got a pup that is sneakily trying to learn how to drive. Take my eyes off the driver for one second and somehow she’s in the seat.

beernsalad copy

3) Yummy dinner with friends at Garbo’s in Springfield this past week.

outfit copy

4) Quick glimpse of my outfit this week. Now with school back my clothes are lasting much longer than my average 8-5 job. Try 8am – 10pm.

lake copy

5) Nothing beats a day at the lake. Tubing. Fishing. Relaxing. One word can sum it all up – perfect.

No words


Can express how much love I have for this pup.