Day 2 of 7: Multi-Passionate


I’m continuously fascinated with learning more, developing my skills, and becoming a better person.

I love the idea of growing into a deeper, wiser individual.  I’m passionate about helping others, expanding my horizons, trying new experiences and being with those I care for the most.

Being creative touches my soul and awakens my senses.

It all started in grad school (well this blog did, my other ones started in undergrad and that’s a whole other story!).  I needed a creative outlet to keep me sane during the long hours of class, school work and having three jobs.  I’m truly a creative at heart – not one particular area of interest.  I like to call myself a free spirit, a multi-passionate woman.  I took my nickname – Mere and my middle name – Lynne to create the site name.  It seem to flow off the tongue easier than my previous attempts at blogging.  I wrote about the stressors of working too much, studying too hard and not having enough fun.

I tried for a short period to be a fashion blogger, but I had to face the fact I preferred to be in jeans and a t-shirt over high heels and designer labels.  I have finally found comfort in who I am and where I want my blog to be.  I share DIY tips, recipes, my life, my love for our three dogs, and a lot of being married.  The love I have for my dogs and to create a more organized home really shine through.  I try not to force myself to fit into any box.  I think it’s more inspiring to let things flow naturally.

I’m following along Alex Beadon’s Feel Good Blogging Challenge.  Hop on and join us!

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