Feel Good Blogging Challenge

Alright, I need a kick in the pants to get my spark back for blogging.  I have ideas, I think about future posts but I have had zero motivation to come here and actually post anything.  I follow the super-inspiring Alex Beadon and jumped feet first for her Feel Good Blogging Challenge.  Today is day 1, challenge 1.  I am wasting no time to get started on this post because I know myself.  I will put it off and wait days, weeks or even a month before getting around to it.

We were asked to answer 5 questions about ourselves.  Here are my answers:

  • Who are you?

I’m Meredith, blogger and founder of merelynne.com.  I’m also a wife, a dog-mom who wants to rescue every stray dog I come across, and I’m a professional.  I recently moved myself and my family back to my hometown so I could start working for/with my Dad.  I’m slowly learning the business while beefing up his marketing efforts.  I love what I do.  More than I ever thought was possible.  I finally feel like I have a purpose and am excited to wake up every morning to get ready for work.

I’m passionate about so many things – my family, my career, helping others, being there to listen when someone needs a friend, taking pictures, being organized, and building a solid foundation with my husband.

  • Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging years ago during my undergrad.  I had a different site name and a different point-of-view.  I was mainly doing DIY projects, but that was hard to keep up with under a college girl’s budget and time frame.  Now under a new name, new domain address and with a little more maturity behind me I blog about my life.  I feel confident about who I am, where I’m going and who I want to be.  I like to share stories of being a newlywed, DIY projects (when I have the time), parties I throw, dinners I cook that don’t end up in the trash, and tips on being more organized with a busy schedule.

  • Who is your blog for?

My blog is for me and women, who like me, are busy.  I may not have children, yet; but I do have quite a bit going on.  I know I’m not the only woman who has family living in different parts of the state, a full-time career, schooling to further oneself, a blog, side projects that bring joy, and so much more.

  • Something I’ve been working on lately that I’m really proud of?

Being healthier.  I joined the local Crossfit box and have fallen in love with it.  J and I have been focused on eating cleaner and at home more often.  I’m proud of myself and the journey that we’ve been on.  I’m excited about our future as a team and know that I will never be little-miss skinny Minnie, but I will be proud of my body and my confidence.

  • What’s one message that you hope people take away from my blog?

You can do many, many things with the 24 hours in your day – including spending more time with the ones you love.  That it’s okay to not be perfect and have a new post every day – people will understand and relate to you better if you’re a little more real.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s challenge.  If you’re ready to take the jump then join me.
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9 Thoughts on “Feel Good Blogging Challenge

  1. Meredith, I love your self-proclaimed title of dog-mom. 🙂 If my apartment allowed animals, I would so be a dog-mom myself! I think it’s great that you’re working for your dad and learning the ropes of his business. I’m sure your marketing efforts are already helping tremendously! I love Alex Beadon and the community she creates, so I can find awesome women like you!

    • Thanks! I think more respect needs to be given to all dog-moms or dog-lovers out there. It’s a tough job and having three to juggle sure makes it more difficult. I think it’s helping for when the times comes for me to be an actual parent of an actual child (not that I don’t think my dogs are my kids – HAHA).

  2. It seems like a lot of us started blogging during college and tried a few different blogs out!

  3. So lovely to read your intro Merelynne! I just adore reading other lifestyle blogs and yours looks right up my street. Looking forward to seeing more over this weeks challenge xox

  4. Being healthier is something I’m also working on, so I wish you the best of luck on your goals, Meredith! I haven’t tried Crossfit (not sure it would work too well for me!), but I do love doing Blogilates. Highly recommend checking it out if you’re interested in Pilates, too!


    • I love Blogilates! Crossfit just pushes me a little bit further each and every time, plus the community I workout with make it 100x better than I could have ever imagined. Good luck Rachel, on your journey to becoming healthier, too.

  5. I can’t wait to have a dog! And I love your mission. These are good questions to answer. :]

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