How to Find Your Dream in 10 Minutes

how to find your dream

This post isn’t for the girls (and guys) that skate by in life. This is for the ones that put themselves out there every single day. The ones that want need more out of life. I want talk to the dreamers and the up-all-nighters. The small business owners that have a 8-5 career. The ones that spend more than 40 hours a week on their passions.

Let’s be real for a second, can we? With today’s world things better be quick. We no longer like to wait in line at the coffee shop (did we ever LIKE to wait?). Wait for someone to respond to our text message. Have an email sit out in limbo while someone is out to lunch. We want answers and we want them now. We no longer think it’s acceptable to spend a lifetime working towards a goal only to get there and realize it’s not what we want. We need to be quick, follow our dreams and be willing to shift gears when the time is right.

Over the New Year I shared my goals with you, but I also shared how I would allow myself to change those goals if my priorities change. I think it’s important to allow some wiggle room with yourself. I’m not saying shifting your career every few months to something unrelated. I would never recommend that. I’m realistic and a planner, not crazy.

I do think people need to dream big. You need to reach for the stars then develop a plan to get there. You need to allow yourself a chance to make mistakes, change your direction and set sail again. You need to have a safety net to ensure you and your family will be okay. I also want to throw in about how you’re setting aside for your retirement (… start thinking of the future now!).

If you’re in a job that’s sucking the life out of you then you need to make plans, save your money and dig deep before jumping into the deep end. If you’re ready to make that leap and find out what drives you then keep reading.

I have a little game I like to play with myself sometimes to make sure I’m still on the right path. It takes only 10 minutes and in the end it helps you on how to find your dream.

It’s easy – here’s what you need:

– 10 minutes
– your favorite music
– a private space
– 1 giant cookie

Step One – Take 2 minutes to shut your mind down from what you were doing last. Shut down your writing for a minute, close your idea book, turn off the TV and get off Pinterest. Turn your favorite music, band, song on full blast. Let the music start to sway your body. Get up and dance or jump around to the music. Just like the famous one-hit wonder Kriss Kross said “Jump, jump. The Mac Dad will make ya jump, jump. A Daddy Mac will make ya jump, jump. Kris Kross will make ya Jump Jump.” After 2 songs you should be feeling pretty good and relaxed. This is why you want to be in a private space. If your dancing is anything like mine then it’s best to do when you’re all alone and no chance for a video leak.

Step Two – Turn down the music to an acceptable level. Pull out the pen and paper. Let your brain free flow for a about 5 minutes. Write down anything comes to mind. What do you want to do a year from now, 2 years from now? What makes you the happiest? What makes you sad and depressed? Do you want to be by the ocean, big city, or a small town? Try to free flow. If you need more than 5 minutes that’s okay. If you need a break to jam out some more to get your body and mind relaxed, then turn up the volume to 11.

Step Three – take a look at your list. Do you see an overwhelming theme? Grab your highlighter and mark what stands out. Did you write the same sort of thing more than once? Highlight it! This is what you should be doing, this is what will make you happy.

For me, it’s helping others. I dream of working in an office with a team assisting people reach their goals. I like organization, having fun every day and getting free time to travel and be with my family. I want to save animals and help those that can’t help themselves.

That may not sound like it screams what type of job I should be doing from my passions, but it does yell what I need to be avoiding. I don’t want to work by myself at the house, I want to be around people. I don’t want to help a big company that doesn’t see the everyday guy. I want to help families, individuals and small businesses with a hands on approach. I need to be spending time volunteering to help others and strays. This is the guide I need to be following.

Step Four – Eat your cookie and blast that stereo for one more song. Write a comment letting me know what you came up with. What are you passionate about? What’s your dream?

Now the final step is to sit down and create a plan for what this exercise uncovered. Be realistic with yourself. If your goal is to go to every amusement park in America but are afraid of roller coasters then you might need to re-do the exercise. BUT if you’re goal is to write, share your knowledge with others and help like-minded people then by all means write a plan. See how you can bring your talents to others – local, online, blogging, consulting. The Internet is your friend, my dear. Use it to help you get a plan together.

To end today’s post, I’d like to share a historical gem with you.

Don’t forget to share your dream with me!

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