Our Gender Reveal Party

gender reveal party invite

Not too long ago, I shared some bits from our gender reveal party with all of our family. I started going through all of the pictures from that day once we were able to catch our breaths from all the excitement.

We had ordered a bunch of black balloons and had them filled with the right color confetti.  Then I gathered all of our favorite people – our family and friends to share with us when we found out.  I really wanted it to be a family event.  Deep down I knew it would be perfect if we all found out together.  After all – it takes a village and I want our village to be involved as much as they want with our kid.

So we gathered around, each couple with their own balloon and push pin.  Then at the count of three, we popped.  After waiting for all of the swirling confetti to settle, we were able to see the blue covering the ground.  It was priceless!  Just what I wanted.  But I also wanted to capture it on video to share with the rest of the family that couldn’t be there that day.

I ended up really upset because the video my sister recorded was nowhere to be found. I searched my camera, my memory card on my Mac and on a PC, but still no video. I was devastated. The one thing I wanted from the day was to capture the moment we found out and everyone’s reactions.

I didn’t have it.

Now months later, I was downloading other pictures and guess what appeared on my memory card?


What?! I couldn’t believe it. I immediately copied it to several places on my laptop. Then I edited it so I could add in some pictures and music.

Here’s the long-lost video from one of our favorite days.

To watch the full video, head to YouTube.

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