The Importance of Goal Setting

Why is goal setting so important?

How does one get from Point A to Point B?  What do you want to work towards in life, in career, in love and in your finances?  We set goals, develop a plan and then get to work.  Goals are an important part of your day, week, month… I could keep going with more, but I will spare you.

Ever since I was little I always liked to create to-do lists, schedule events in my calendar and even come up with a game plan for my day, which included when I would eat, shower, and take a break.  I love tasks and I thrive when I have a clear plan to achieve.

goal setting

Goals are an important part of life, any life and every life.  We need to know where we are headed and be happy when we get there.

What happens when we are working towards a goal and realize that we don’t want it anymore?  Or when we realize our priorities have shifted in life?  Simple.  We reevaluate our goals, develop new ones and keep moving forward.

I have to admit that I might be a bit obsessed with creating new goals, but even after every time I sit down to create a new life goal list there are some items that are always present.  For instance:

– becoming debt free
– helping stray animals
– creating a memory journal
– opportunity to bring my dogs to work on a daily basis
– owning a business
– celebrating our 50 year anniversary
– own my home
– travel the world

These goals, along with others are what I am working towards over the next few years.  Some goals may come and go without being reached, and that’s okay.  Because you do not reach a goal does not mean you are a failure.  It simply means that your life has changed and your priorities are not the same.

Perhaps you didn’t plan to have children and now here you are with 2 children that you tuck into bed every night.  That would change the goals you want to reach.  For another example, perhaps you were laid off and threw a wrench in your financial goals – that could shift where you are headed and what you are dreaming of.

Goal setting is a good thing.


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