What’s in My Hospital Bag (Free Checklist)

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What to Pack in Your Labor and Delivery Hospital Bag

It’s getting close.  The time for Baby Boy Rines to make his debut.  To say I’m excited would be an understatement.  I just can’t wait to meet this little one!  

The closer and closer I get the more glad I am to be prepared.  I have my hospital bag packed and ready to go.  I actually have it in my car so that way it’s with me no matter where I am.  You never know when he’s going to be ready so I figured it would be smart just to go ahead and put it in there.  

I’ve been talking with all of my mommy friends about what’s the best pieces to put in the hospital bag.  I’ve compiled a great checklist and would love to share it with you.  

labor and delivery hospital bag

Even Maggie wanted to get in on the packing!

Here’s what I have in my hospital bag:

  • lanolin
  • nursing pads
  • light robe that opens in the front – I love this one from walmart!
  • nursing bras
  • pump bra
  • breast pump
  • change of clothes – I wanted to stay comfortable and I knew that I would not immediately fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes.  So I packed a few yoga pants and comfortable t-shirts
  • cardigan
  • maxi pads
  • warm socks
  • hair ties
  • contact lens and solution
  • glasses
  • phone charger
  • camera, battery and battery charger
  • playlist on my phone
  • toiletries
  • flip flops
  • slip on shoes

I also packed a smaller bag for the baby and here’s what I have in there:

  • outfit to go home in
  • sleepers
  • sleep sack
  • breast feeding pillow
  • hat
  • mittens
  • packed diaper bag (see the checklist for what’s in our diaper bag)
  • swaddle
  • pacifier
  • Carseat (it’s actually already installed in our car)

hospital bag

Don’t forget about the man in your life!  I’ve heard those labor rooms can get pretty chilly.  Not to mention the amount of time labor can last, so I packed a few items for J in my hospital bag, too.  

Here’s what J has in the hospital bag:

  • change for the vending machine
  • snacks
  • fleece jacket
  • change of clothes (you never know if he’s going to be able to leave and if it lasts over 24 hours then he’s going to want clean clothes)
  • snacks
  • phone charger
  • iPad and charger

Labor and Delivery Hospital Bag Checklist

I created a FREE downloadable checklist for you to use while your packing your labor and delivery hospital bag.

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  1. Great checklist here lovely lady! I haven’t been to the hospital in quite some time. Keep up the great work here giving other women what they need to feel confident in their birth. Don’t forget to live unstoppable!

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