I have the most photogenic pups. Ever.

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My little wolf-looking pup got groomed! #byebyeearhair #dog #doglove #tailwaggersMaggie feels so used. #mypoorpuppy #dog #dogloveMy little watch dog... precious. #doglove #guarddog

  Yes, I may be a bit obsessed with my pups. But who can blame me when the pups look like mine? Okay, okay. I know, I need to bring it down a notch.
This weekend J and I are headed to St. Louis to see his family and then my Grandma. Tiny is going to make her debut at his family’s house. Keep your fingers crossed that it goes well. **



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One Thought on “I have the most photogenic pups. Ever.

  1. Grandme W on March 23, 2013 at 2:14 pm said:

    I agree! How cute!

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