What I’ve Learned From Marriage After Only One Week

It’s been a little over a week since our wedding day. Some might think its hard to believe someone might be able to learn so much in just one week, but it is possible.

I heard from so many that marriage changes people, even in small ways. I thought everyone was crazy or exaggerating just to scare us. Little did I know that we should have listened to the advice if other married couples.

What I’ve learned:

I don’t overreact as easily as I did a week ago. My stress levels are much lower. I knew that once the wedding was over I would take a deep breath, but family was right. Stress does seem to fade away.

it’s okay to go to bed early, some nights. I’m a pretty big night owl and J wakes up about 2 hours before me every morning. It’s nice going to be with my husband.

We keep a much neater house.

I like to be domestic and have a home cooked meal for dinner.

That we still laugh and joke around as much as we used to.

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