O Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree It’s a family tradition that the weekend following Thanksgiving that Mom and Dad break out the Christmas tree.  One of my favorite moments out of each year is when we get to decorate the tree, hang the ornaments and then stand back in awe of our creation.  Each year we choose a new theme for the tree, and then we go out to the stores to find the perfect ribbon or garland.
Christmas Tree This year we chose bronze.  It’s not so much a theme like winter wonderland, but it’s still a theme nonetheless.  We found some pretty ribbon at Hobby Lobby and added that to our tree.  The best part is when we get to hang ornaments on the tree.  Hearing stories, laughing and spending time together is pretty special.  Plus, we have one ornament that is always put on last.  It’s a clip-on porcelain dove.  Mom says she bought it years ago when my Mom and Dad were first married at Dillard’s in St. Louis.  We’re not sure why we started hanging this one last or why the tradition has stuck around so long.  This year to ensure that I could be the one to hang it up, I noticed it in the box, grabbed it and then hid it from everyone else.  It may be a little childish to hide an ornament, but at the end of the day I am the one that gets to hang it!  It’s good being the awnry little sister sometimes.
Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Can’t wait to celebrate Christmas this year!

2 Thoughts on “O Christmas Tree

  1. I also have a themed Christmas tree every year. Christmas season always starts with me asking my husband, “What color was our tree last year?” (which he never remembers). This year our tree is red and gold and I’m pretty sure next year I’ll bust out a blue and silver tree because I found these beautiful blue ornaments at Macy’s.

    • That sounds awesome. I love blue for Christmas, it screams vintage glam to me. I have a feeling my husband will not remember what our tree looked like in a few weeks, so he will be no help decorating next year.

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