October Wrap Up and November Goals

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Blogger GoalsOctober has come and gone; and now November has flown in.  I feel like October flew by so much faster than September, but perhaps in all technicality that’s not true.

Let’s see how I did in October, here’s a refresher for last month.

1) Get everything in order for our wedding in ONE month – PASS!  We were married last Saturday.

2) Book a few more side hustle jobs – FAIL! I did not get one single side hustle for the month, but I was a bit distracted.

3) Pay $200 towards our smallest debt – FAIL! I had some dental work come up and that drained our savings and an extra money we had for the month, you can read about that here.

4) Take the dogs for more walks – FAIL! We played a lot more, but didn’t get to the actual walk around the block part.

5) Finish the Dave Ramsey videos – PASS!

Now let’s look forward to the next month and set some new goals.  Goals are important to me, they keep me focused and on task.  I have tendency to be distracted by shiny objects and if I don’t have something to pull my attention back to where I need to be then all hell can break loose.  So, let’s get into it.

My November goals:

1) create a new budget
2) Set some monthly, quarterly and yearly goals for myself
3) Take the dogs for more walks
4) Develop a game plan for Christmas shopping
5) Pay off our smallest debt

I feel like I need to bring it all in for one last “go team” cheer.


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