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Fall y’all

Last week it finally started to feel like fall around these parts. I was excited. I love fall.

Something about the cooler weather, carving pumpkins, and sweaters to make me happy.

sweater: Ross, leggings: TJ Maxx, boots: Hunter, purse: Coach (similar here), watch: Relic, bracelets: given.

Trouble, Trouble

Is this not the face of one pup that knows she’s in trouble, but is hoping that this pathetic look will make it all go away?  I get this look … a lot.  Maggie is a very well-behaved pup, normally.  She does like to push her limits though.  When she does, I get this look. It works.  Every time.  That look can melt my heart so fast.

twirly, twirly, twirly

When I was a little girl my favorite game to play was dress-up.  My mom would save what I called “twirly dresses” where I could spin and spin in them.  I dreamt of this life where I would be able to wear fancy dresses on a regular basis, have my hair beautified.

I was the little girl who would play in my Mom’s makeup collection.  I would step away with makeup caked on, mascara all over my eyes and the brightest lipstick shade that I could find.

Years later, I’m still that same little girl when it comes to getting dressed up.  Well, minus the mascara all over my face.  I have a little bit more skill in applying makeup these days.  Although, I find that I still like the bright lipstick from time to time.

J and I went out for a night on the town a few weeks ago for a red carpet night at a local bar.  It was nice getting all dolled up and meeting up with friends for a good stiff drink.

Maggie – so grownup

Maggie will be four in a few months and it’s hard to believe. I honestly couldn’t imagine a life without her or the past four years with another dog. Maggie came into my life at a time of transition. I was going to embark living on my own for the first time – no parents and no roommates. At the time I learned that I was going to be all on my own, my Mom’s coworker discovered a pregnant stray on her farm. The mom had a litter of puppies. All looked very different. Knowing that she couldn’t keep all of these puppies, she began to search for new homes. I drove over 2 hours to see the two females out of the group. The one that stuck out and the cutest with her black fluffy hair was Maggie.

That was it. I was hooked. Now, I’m a dog mom.

Four years have flown by. We’ve lived in three different homes. By ourselves and with a roommate including a chihuahua. Maggie has a personality all her own and she no longer is a black fluffy girl, now she is a long, blonde hair dog that loves to sleep on my feet throughout the night and cuddle with my pillow in the early morning hours.

It really has been a wonderful four years and I can’t wait to see what the next phase will be for her and for me.

It was my first time

At the races!Why are we outside when it's barely 40 degrees outside?

J and I went to the races a few weeks ago… it was my first time at a dirt track. Truthfully, it was the first time at any race. As soon as the cars started to go around and around, I just got pretty caught up in it.

J and I started trying to pick our winning car. I have to say, by the outside and having absolutely zero racing ability I can pick the winner majority of the time.

Happiest 5K – The Color Run

Finished @TheColorRun this morning in #memphis. Had a blast!!UntitledUntitled

Finished The Color Run in Memphis this past weekend. Ummmm…. it was awesome! First off – everyone is there to have a good time. I mean, competing for time was just going to mean that you ended up with little to no paint on you. And who would want that?


Color explosion at the end of the party.


Then we headed down to Beale Street for a night out. I made sure to look pretty darn awesome. haha

Awaken the Soul

Lazy Saturday #dogLove. #dogUntitledMorning cuddle buddy #dog

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

– Anatole France




No Heat Curls {Tutorial}

I have seen these headband, no heat curls on some blogs and pinterest.  So, I decided to give it a try.  My hair has a natural aversion to curl – this aversion goes way back to when I was a senior in high school and waned curly hair for prom. You know the classic – you always want what you don’t have syndrome.  After several, long hours at the salon my hair was curly… and weighed an extra 10lbs from all of the product!

I’ve gotten off topic.  You take a stretchy headband and place over your head (across your forehead).  Then take your hair and wrap it around the band until it’s all tucked away. like so…

In the morning your hair may look something like this …. or if you are a more peaceful sleeper it may not look so jacked up.

Take out the band and ta-da you have curls!

Disclaimer: I’m sorry that I decided to go au’ natural in these photos and…well for the poor quality.  I was pretty tired the night before and then might have overslept the next morning.  Girl does have to get her beauty rest!

So far, the curls have lasted.  Of course, I gave them a good dousing of hairspray.


About 8 hours later, I was still sitting in front of my laptop studying for my pending stats test.  I had ran to the grocery store, started a casserole for dinner, and may have taken a break…or two.  Here’s what the hair looked like:

I think it still had some nice texture to it. Definitely not the same amount of curl tho! Darn my hair!

September Favorites


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