People go through different phases of their life and interests from time to time.  Right now my phase is all about this wedding and getting everything perfect.  So, I am sorry that I do not have a post ready for today.  I have all these ideas swirling in my head and when I sit down to type them out – POOF! They go away.  I need to take some time this week to make a major long to-do list for the wedding, for work, and for around the house then I can come back with a clear  mind.

I am going to take today and tomorrow off from this little blog of mine to work on formalizing these ideas.

Thank you for being so understanding!  31 days until J and I get married and then life can resume, except I will be a Mrs. and no longer a Ms.


2 Thoughts on “Phases

  1. My wife and I call them seasons. We approach each season of life with the knowledge that no matter how good or how bad, it is a season and it will come to and end. We simply try and learn as much as we can from each season to be adequately prepared for the next.

    Thanks for sharing. I love the freedom that you’re giving yourself to prioritize. I heard Ben Arment say that forcing yourself to write a blog post everyday is like giving birth to a baby you’re not pregnant with. I thought that made sense!

    Enjoy the stage/season/where you are!!

    • Season of life… I had never thought of it like that. It makes great sense! Plus, Ben’s thought on forcing yourself to write something everyday hits the nail on the head. Thanks for reading!

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