Progress is better than Perfection

progress is better  than perfection!

A good friend of mine was struggling the other day and I said one simple statement that put it all in perspective.

Progress is better than perfection.

It’s true.  When you’re working towards a goal – any goal, you have to keep moving forward.  Just because you haven’t lost your goal weight, haven’t been able to fully quit smoking, aren’t lifting as much as you wanted to by now, or haven’t been successful at keeping a cleaner house doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

You cannot wait for the stars to align and your actions to be perfect before taking action.  You have to keep pushing yourself.  One slip-up doesn’t mean you will never reach your goal.  It means you’re human.

Remember that progress is better than perfection on those rough days when you don’t feel like you’re ever going to get there.  You will.

You have to keep hustling.

My boss a few years ago really taught me about progress, not perfection.  That was his motto.  He wouldn’t wait until his idea was 100% perfect before introducing it the market.  He would create small, poorly edited videos to share with clients online.  He wanted to get his thoughts, his ideas and his services out first before anyone else in the area.  And you know what?  His business blossomed.  He really showed me that striving for progress will give you more success than waiting for perfection.

I learned a lot from him, but that has to be my favorite lesson.  I have carried it with me over the years.  I have applied it to my professional life, my home life and even when setting my personal goals.

When you start doubting yourself and far you’ve come, remember one thing:

Progress is better than perfection.


2 Thoughts on “Progress is better than Perfection

  1. This is such a perfect message! I really needed to see this 🙂 Thank you x

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