Snow Day Fun

Snow, I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow

southeast missouri, dogs playing in snow

Do you know what happens when a town gets hit with over 7″ of snow on top of a thin layer of ice?  It shuts down.  Especially when that town is not prepared for it, at all.  That’s what happen to us this past week.  So come Thursday morning we enjoyed ourselves a little snow day.

Of course we’re adults, so we had to put in a few hours of work early in the morning.  Afterwards we came home and relaxed.

Actually this exact same thing happened a few weeks ago.  J and I were both off for one day then and now I’m off for 2 days this week.  Poor J had to go to work Thursday morning.  I was pretty worried about him being out in town driving around.  But he made it!

all three playing 2015 Bud in the snow 2015

We let the dogs have a little snow day fun in the backyard.  Bud was the happiest of all.  He ran, jumped, dug and rolled around in the fluffy white stuff.  Tiny was reluctant to let loose.  Once I was outside with her, she finally started to have fun.  Of course, Maggie did her own thing for pretty much the whole time.

The most fun was when the stole my gloves to play tug of war with.  That was great.  My favorite part was when Bud buried one of my gloves.  Yep, buried.  Isn’t that great of him?!  It took me close to 10 minutes to find it and dig it up.  Boo!  He had so much fun trying to beat me to finding the glove.  All he did was bury it deeper, too.


Were you hit with any snow these past few weeks?  We were hit more than average for this time of year with record lows.  I can’t wait for summer!

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2 Thoughts on “Snow Day Fun

  1. Yes, so much snow! I just moved to DC and the entire city has been shut down more than once so far due to the snow. Snow days are fun, so I’m not complaining!

    • You would think a bigger city like DC could handle snow, but it’s crazy the amounts everyone is getting. We got hit with so much snow and now we’re suppose to be in the 70s next week. Crazy!

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