Stay On Top of Your Monthly Bills {Free Monthly Bill Tracker download!}

Stay on top of your bills with a monthly bill tracker

You’re probably like me and are really busy from day-to-day.  It’s hard to keep everything straight that’s on your plate.  You have work to get done, errands to run, bills to pay, and probably even play dates to be at.  You’re trying to do it all and stay on top of everything, but sometimes things slip through the cracks.

You wrote out the check for your car loan, but a week later you find it buried in the bottom of your purse.  Now it’s late.  You panic.  You rush to the post office to get out in the mail.  Now you feel bad because it’s your husband’s car that’s getting hit with the late payment.  You tell him and he seems upset.  It’s the car he bought before the marriage and it’s only in his name.  Now he has a late payment and you don’t.  You said you would take care of it, but obviously you couldn’t.

What he doesn’t realize is that this past week was a doozy for you.  You’re lucky that you remembered to wash your hair that morning (or if you’re like me.. within the past few days).

You need something to help you out.  A tool that’s on your side.  A monthly bill tracker that’s easy to see at a glance.  Not too much information that makes it distracting.  Just the right amount so you can quickly see where you are at for the month.

monthly bill tracker download

That’s where this monthly bill tracker comes into play.  You simply write out the bill’s name, the date it’s due and then mark off when it’s paid.

There’s not even a distracting space to put the amount.  Most amounts like car payments, cell phone bills, cable bills don’t change from month-to-month.  You probably have those amounts memorized by now.  No need to write them down again and take up space on the page.

monthly bill tracker download

There is room in each month’s box if you want to keep track of changing monthly amounts.  I do write down our monthly utilities so I can keep an idea of how much it fluctuates in the cold and warm months.  As you can see it really works great for those payments that are quarterly or annually, too.  Like for us, our trash bill is only due every 3 months.  So each month I transfer money into a savings account that more than covers our trash costs.  When it’s due on the 10th of every month, I transfer $35 from our savings account into our checking account.  I draw an X on the months it’s not due so I don’t confuse myself.  I also added the transfer as a monthly bill to track to make sure I transfer the money.

You really can do anything you want with this monthly bill tracker to make it work for you.

You can either cross off when the payment is made, or do what I do and highlight the box.  I think it’s easier to see with just glancing if a bill has been paid.  I keep this monthly bill tracker with our budget information.  It’s in a file behind my desk so when I pay bills, update our budget or reconcile our check register it’s pulled out.

To download your free monthly bill tracker download

To download your free monthly bill tracker download, click here.

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