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31 While 31 {My Birthday Goals}

birthday goals, things to do for my birthday

Around my birthday each year I create a new list of birthday goals.  

I’m super creative and I use my age to determine the number of tasks on my to-do list (I know, I know… I’m a genius!).  I’ve been doing this list for years now and I am not always successful at accomplishing each of my goals, but it gives me something to strive for.  Something to work towards in the new year and I feel that with age comes wisdom.  Wisdom to say no to things I no longer want to do or want to spend my time on and the wisdom to take more chances.  Yes, wisdom to take chances.  It may sound backwards, but it’s true.  With age comes the ability to stop caring what other people thing and be my true, authentic self.  If you like me, great!  If you don’t then that’s okay, too.  

Here are my birthday goals, the 31 things that I want to accomplish during my 31st year.

  1. have more fun
  2. take more risks
  3. finally step out of the hustle mindset
  4. take more picture
  5. don’t be afraid to live in the moment 
  6. work out more
  7. be outside more
  8. enjoy the lake
  9. take trips with my little family
  10. cuddle with my little boy
  11. bake more
  12. cook dinner at home
  13. start taking my lunch to work with me
  14. don’t be afraid to be on video
  15. reach out to other bloggers to partner with them
  16. finish my budget program
  17. continue to pay down debt
  18. start saving for our son’s college
  19. finish landscaping the yard
  20. become more patient with others
  21. slow down
  22. donate my time to a good cause
  23. create an editorial calendar for posts and emails to my VIPs
  24. earn my CFP® designation
  25. start my accounting degree
  26. finish our little guy’s baby book for his first year (I haven’t even started this one yet… oops!)
  27. start contributing to other budgeting sites more
  28. travel more
  29. put my family first
  30. be there for my friends
  31. teach my son to be the best man possible

There you have it!  My list of 31 things to do while I’m 31.  As I’ve gotten older and (ahem!) wiser, I’ve started scaling back my goals and making them more holistic and approachable.  No more specific tasks to try to achieve.  I want to work on who I am as a person and grow to become the person God wants me to be.  So I will stop and listen more instead of pushing.

If you want to see how my birthday goals have changed then check out my lists from 27, 28, 29 and 30!