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Why am I obsessed with my dogs?

Alright, it’s not news to anyone that I treat my dogs like actual children.

I know I am not alone in this epidemic, but I might be one of the biggest offenders.  Last week Tiny had a little lady surgery performed and I took off the following day to be with her… and let’s be honest to have a day off work is always a bonus!  My poor, poor puppy was just not feeling good at all and it was breaking my heart.



Look at this little face!

While Tiny was getting snipped, Maggie was at the spa for a full day of pampering.


So fresh and so clean

Less hair is always better for Maggie.

I spent the day holding Tiny and making sure that she knew she was loved.  Oh I felt so bad taking her to the Vet and somewhat embarrassed when I had to carry her back because she was thrashing against the wall to get away from the Vet Tech.  Oh these dogs!

These dogs are too spoiled!


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