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A Night In My Hometown

A Night in my Hometown

I live in a small town outside of my college town and some times when I venture into town I see things/people that I don’t like or understand, but it’s my hometown.

 I’m going to tell you a story of my Friday night, well part of it that it is.  It all started when I tried to be a good fiance to J who had already clocked a 14 hour day with no end it sight.  So, I thought food.  That’s the way to any man’s heart, right?  I mean that’s what I was always told by family and it always seem to work.  It’s funny because the way to my heart is chocolate and that’s technically food, so I guess that’s the way to anyone’s heart – their favorite food.  

Anyway back to my hometown story…

My hometown doesn’t offer too many options for good food, so, I ordered some wings for J at a local pizza joint.  I went to pick them up and they weren’t ready so I grabbed a seat to wait.  In walks this man, I instantly got a weird vibe from him and hoped that he wouldn’t sit next to me to wait for his order.  Now, let me say that I am never that person.  I really can talk to anyone, but some people give me the creeps and this man was no exception.

He sat down and said hello.  I said hello back.  Then he starts making fun of one of the workers.  I wasn’t a fan of that so I just sat there nodding, which I guess that opened the door to more free conversation.  The next topic he decided to talk about was boobs.  Other women’s boobs …for about five minutes.  All I kept thinking was really, seriously?

Seriously?!?  Do I look like I am open to that type of conversation?  I don’t want to hear about how five years ago you got to see a girl who was probably 15 at the time that had ginormous boobs.

I just sat there with my fingers crossed and hoped that my order would be up and I could hear that magically words, “Meredith To Go.”  I may or may not have jumped up so fast that I almost face planted into the counter.

Oh it’s just another night in my hometown.  Got to love it!


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