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How to Multitask Better

how to multitask better

Let’s face it, we are pulled in a thousand different direction every week.  I mean, if we’re going to be really honest we can wear many different hats each day.  I’m a wife, a dog-mom, a friend, daughter, sister, financial advisor, assistant, marketing director, blogger, etc.  Those are just the hats I wear on a daily basis, not even the only ones I wear.

Let’s not forget about the things I want to learn or be better at.  I want a closer relationship with God, I want to be a better photographer, I want to be a business owner.  There are so many accomplishments I want to reach in my lifetime.  We all have so much going on.  As women and professionals, we need to be able to handle a lot.

Multitasking is the one task we need to master before we can be masters of our world.  I’ve been working on some great tricks and tips so you can perfect your multitasking skills.  If you have any other multitask tips to get an edge, please share below.

Here’s how to multitask better so you can get more done in less time:

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Make lists.

Write everything down.  Make lists for every facet of your life.  Have one for things to do at work, around the house, for your blog… everything.  However keeping a list works for you, use it.  I’m someone that has to separate out my lists.  If something needs to be done for the home then it’s on a different list for what I have going on at work.

If you write it down then it will get done.

How does list-making working for you?  Do you keep a short-term list and a long-term list?  Or do you just have one master list for it all?

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Plan your days.

Every successful person plans their day.  You cannot be effective if you do not know what needs to get done.  You can multitask with ease if you do not overwhelm yourself.  Keep it simple.

Use your list that you’re now keeping to help plan your day.  Start by taking a look at what needs to get done soonest or what’s easiest to knock off your list.  From there you can plan you’re whole day.  Plus, you won’t forget about anything you have going on.  No more missed appointments or playdates.  You can multitask better if you know what’s coming up.  If you have an appointment across town and you need to pick up your prescriptions then you’ll be able to take care of both tasks with one trip.  The only way you’ll see the big picture is by planning.

While I’m at work, I plan it down to the hour of what I need to be doing.  That way I stay productive through out the whole time.  If I get behind or something takes me a bit longer then I just bump everything down.  Try to only pick 2-3 tasks to get done for the whole day.  Then fill in the rest of your day with small, easy to get done tasks.

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Use your smartphone.

I’m always amazed when I see someone struggling and yet won’t use their smartphone smartly.  You need to utilize your tools to work for you.  Set appointment reminders in your calendar app and sync your online calendar with your phone calendar so you have it at the touch of your fingers.  Utilize all of the good stuff Google has to offer – Google Drive is amazing.  I use Google Sheets as my check register so I can stay on top of our budget and money at all times.

There are a ton of apps that can save you money at the grocery store, and make you money!  Plus, all the helpful resources at your fingertips can make work easier and less timely.


One recommendation for when you’re trying to get work done – turn off your phone.  A smartphone can be really smart and help you, but it can also set you back.  How many of us find ourselves wasting 10-15 minutes on Facebook, Pinterest, or reading our favorite blogs?  Your phone can really be a distraction.  Turn it on silent, put it in a drawer and don’t touch it when we’re really trying to focus.  You’ll be better at multitasking if you can actually focus on what’s on hand.

Set specific goals.

You need to be smart about your goals.  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely goals.

I’m a daydreamer with the best of them.  I can picture my life in this beautiful home that J and I have custom built on 5 acres of land.  In this dream home I have an amazing craft room with huge windows.  J has a man cave where he can have his buddies over to have a good time.  This is a dream… but it’s also a goal.  J and I have a goal of being able to build our dream home.  To reach this goal we are setting smaller more specific goals as stepping stones.  We are paying down debt and saving money, then we will search for some land to buy.  Once we own the land, then we will start the building process.  It’s going to take time, but we know that we need to reach our smaller tasks first.  That’s what you need to do.

You can break them down into smaller time frames, too.  I also set specific goals each week.  I take a look at our master list to set a few smaller tasks to accomplish.  “Cook more” is not a specific goal.  Try something more life, “Cook 3 dinners at home this week.”  Then from there you need to pick 3 meals, buy the ingredients and then actually cook the meals.

SMART goals are easy to set, but you need to follow through with them to be successful.

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Be cautious of your time.

There are many time-suckers around us.  We need to be aware of them and be protective over our time.  You can’t be a successful at multitasking if you don’t allow yourself the appropriate amount of time to get stuff done.

Be aware of everything you have going on and don’t over extend yourself.  Don’t promise to bring snacks for your daughter’s gymnastics team while you’re suppose to be at a doctor’s appointment and needing to finish a load of laundry.  That’s why planning your day is imperative for success!

You need to plan tasks that can be done together.  Baking cookies while working on laundry is a piece of cake (I must be hungry to relate everything to food – ha!).  Needing to pick up your dry cleaning can be done on the way to dropping your kid off at soccer practice.

Learn to say “NO” more when you simply can’t get things done.  The one thing that can derail your ability to multitask is over extending yourself.  Know your limits.




What are some of your multitasking tips and tricks? I’d love for you to share.  Leave a comment below!