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August Wrap Up and September Goals

August Wrap Up and September Goals

I cannot believe August is over and it’s time to create my September Goals.

I feel like it just started and we were in the process of packing up our lives to move across the state.  Pretty crazy how time flies when you’re having fun… unpacking boxes!  When I talked about my August goals I was pretty ambitious for someone who still had a lot of wedding planning to tackle, boxes to unpack, and friends to make.

1) get settled into our new home – 70/30

We are in the new home, we even have pictures on one of the walls.  However, there are still boxes in the guest bedroom that need to be unpacked – only 3 left and we have a lot of pictures to hang.  So, I would say we are about 70% there.

2) consistently write 3-4 posts a week – PASS

I believe I am averaging 4 posts a week.  I have even developed a posting schedule – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  I take the weekends and Wednesdays off – I think that’s a good mix.  Well, except for today – I decided to post this Wednesday and I am allowed to do that.

3) create a routine between all of my creative outlets (blog and etsy), work, and homelife – 90/10

I have created a pretty good routine for everything.  I work until 5-6 every day, then we have dinner and spend time together.  About 8:00 is when I start blogging or reading articles of interest.  I have had to take a cutback on my Etsy shop, not because it was growing like wildfire or anything, but we are trying to pay down debt and we decided that it would probably be best not to spend any more money on something until our little credit cards are paid down… sad face.

4) make progress on wedding planning – order the invites and finalize our favor idea – PASS

I have the wedding invites sitting next to me and they are gorgeous!  I love them oh-so-much!  I have the favor idea finalized and even have it marked in the calendar when I need to start buying everything for it.  The favor is SO me with Justin sprinkled in on top!  It’s going to be perfect for us.

5) design organizing templates – I’m going to say PASS

I have a budget template and a desktop template coming your way in the next few days… be on the lookout for that!

I think I am in a pretty good place for August.  Now, onto September goals.

1) Work on my side hustle to make some extra money
2) Purchase the big ticket items for our favors at the wedding
3) Pay $200 towards our smallest debt to make a dent
4) Finish funding our emergency fund
5) Knock out ¼ of the remaining Dave Ramsey videos

A lot to do with money, guess you can figure out where my mindset is lately.


August Goals

August Goals

Here we are… after the first full week of a new month and I’m setting up August Goals.

I like goals and to-do lists.  I feel that it gives me a sense of direction and a foundation in a sometimes chaotic life.  I mean goals keep you motivated and keep your dreams a reality.  If you have a dream then you decide on action steps to take to achieve those dreams, right?  A dream because a goal and then goal becomes action steps that you put on a to-do list… I’m digressing as I think of different ways to say goal and to-do lists.  I’m going to get back to the point – August Goals.

1) get settled into our new home.  I mentioned how we were moving (this weekend!) to a new city and I don’t want to still be unpacking boxes months from now.

2) consistently write about 3-4 posts a week for this merelynne.com.

3) create a routine between work, blog, etsy, and home life.

4) make progress on the wedding by ordering invitations and finalizing the favor idea (so excited!)

5) design some organizing templates for the site for others to use.  I have some great organizational tools that I created and they help me so much from day-to-day and I think it’s time I share them with the world.

Last month I wrote about 27 things to do while 27.  So far, I’ve accomplished one thing off that list.  But I think that is pretty impressive since it’s been less than 1 month!  Once life settles down I will keep you in the loop on my list progress.

Cheers to August Goals!