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Tips To Getting Settled In A New Home

settling into a new homeJ and I have been in our new home for almost 2 weeks now.  We have been slowly unpacking and getting settled in.  I have to admit that only having 2 weeks to pack our old home and get moved has made me a little less motivated when it comes to unpacking.  Is that bad?

Our new place is great and I am starting to get familiar with how to get around.  I started thinking that the previous tenants did not finish out their lease at our place and I kind of think it was by the landlord’s choice, but that’s just the feeling I get because I have no proof.  When we came to view the place he was changing the locks, which is normal, but then he mentioned that he likes a lease to end around May so that he can have the summer to get the place ready.  Next, he complained about damage to the carpets and how he was not prepared to change the flooring throughout the place.  Finally, the nails were still in the walls.  I went through after the first few days and noticed there were nails in the walls, so I decided to go through and spackle.  I probably removed over 30 nails and covered 60 holes in the walls!  No lie!  I guess the previous tenants didn’t measure and center BEFORE hammering the nail into the wall.

Okay, I’m getting off on my investigation tangent.  This post was about 5 great tips to get settled into a new home.  Here we go:

1) unpack your bedroom first.  Having a nice, clean bed to climb into after moving is a GREAT feeling.

2) unpack the kitchen next.  Then you can return to eating normal sooner.  You are able to cook, grab a glass of water, and just sit down without being surrounding by boxes.

3) hang pictures last.  I always wait to all the boxes are unpacked and the rest of the shelves are decorated then I gather all my pictures and paintings in one spot to look through.  That way I can decide how to gather pictures and hang them based on my entire collection.

4) get rid of boxes as soon as they are empty.  It’s a great feeling to see less and less boxes in a room.  Don’t keep empty ones laying around because that will just make you feel overwhelmed.

5) let people help.  I had a problem with this one, let me tell you.  No one knows how I like my kitchen set up, no one knows what beauty products I use on a daily basis and want within arms length.  It’s true, no one knows how you want everything setup other than you.  But it’s a new home, you do not even know the place for everything.  So, let people help you unpack boxes.  You can always rearrange later and the best part is you will not be tripping over boxes while you move things around.


5 Moving Tips to Ease Packing

5 moving tips

Want 5 moving tips to make a move easier?

Between living in different apartments during college, then moving in with J a few months ago, and now moving to a bigger city – I have this whole moving business down.

Here we go… 5 moving tips to make life a little less stressful:

1) make a plan. Don’t go all willy-nilly between rooms packing. You have everything arranged in specific rooms for a reason, so pack that way.

2) label boxes for the rooms they are going into. Your new place may not have the same number of rooms or the rooms might have a different purpose. It will be easier for your movers friends to know where to put the boxes.

3) ever watch “Undercover Boss?” I watched the episode of United Van Lines, the moving company. Their packers would wad up packing paper and place in the bottom of empty boxes for breakables.  The crumpled paper in the bottom helps add a little cushion.

4) spackle nail holes as you take down your pictures. Think “whistle while you work” here, except “spackle while you pack.”

5) clean as you go. Especially if you live in a rental that will help get the most bang for your buck . We had a two car garage, so once a room was packed the boxes and furniture went outside. After all items are out of the room it is the perfect time to clean – wipe down the trim, fans, window sills and then vacuum.  Then seal off the room.

I hope these simple 5 moving tips help!


If you’re looking for a few more tips, check out my friends over at The Simple Dollar.  They have a great resource to share with you.