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Bachelorette Party – NOLA Style

bachelorette party - new orleansIt has taken me a full week to recover from my amazingly awesome bachelorette party down in New Orleans.  I am pretty sure that most of us left parts of our liver down on Bourbon Street.

I have to admit that I have some of the world’s best friends out there.  I mean, no offense to your friends or anything, I’m sure they are great.  But my friends are top-notch.  We headed to NOLA on Friday and after a 2 hour delay at the Dallas airport we finally landed.

bachelorette party - new orleans


We drank our way through Bourbon Street on Friday night, went on a historical ghost tour on Saturday night and then went down to Magazine Street and Lafayette Cemetery on Sunday.  It was a crazy, wild trip and it took me until Thursday to not feel exhausted and also to rehydrate.
bachelorette party - new orleans Then we headed to a Burlesque show.  The woman singing was outstanding!  She blew the dancers performances out the window!

bachelorette party - new orleans Oh and New Orleans is so cool for weddings.  Apparently, the bride and groom get to march down the street with a band behind them and their family and friends waiving white handkerchiefs (napkins?) in the air.  So stinkin’ cool!
bachelorette party - new orleans Oh and there are these romeo spikes on the columns for old-time homes.  They were the system to keep horny teenage boys out of their daughters’ windows late at night.  Genius!


Summer To-Do List

It’s official. Summer is here. The humidity is up and my allergies are finally starting to subside, a little. I put together a little list of fun things that I’d love to do in these next few months. What do you have on your to-do list?

1) Attend a Cardinals Baseball game
2) Go to the lake as much as possible
3) Grill majority of our meals
4) Learn to make a new summer cocktail, preferably with raspberries.
5) Work more on our wedding plans (getting those invites addressed without pulling out my hair)
6) Commit to Crossfit at least 3x a week (fingers crossed)
7) Spend time with J’s family and my family
8) Teach Tiny a few new tricks
9) Start saving for my Bachelorette party(!!!) in NOLA.
10) Go to Founder’s Park to watch a movie

Cheers to a great Summer!