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The Perfect Day

wedding day thoughtsThe weather was absolutely perfect.  A crisp 54 degrees with not a cloud in sight.  I walked through the gate into the lush garden that was filled with beautiful fall colors.  All of our family and friends stood up to see me walk down the aisle with my Dad by my side as “Marry Me” by Train softly played in the background.

My eyes met J’s and tears instantly came from both of us.  This was the moment that I had been planning for and waiting for these past nine months.  I looked away from keep from sobbing, but every eye I met walking down that aisle was filled with tears.  It was no use – I was going to cry.

The whole day was breathtaking and was filled with love, laughter and a lot, a lot of tears.  I do not come from a crying family, but we could not convince one person of that fact the whole day.

This past Saturday, J and I were married in front of everyone we love and those that could not make the trip for many different reasons were there in spirit – we felt them with us.  Now, I am no longer engaged.  I am someone’s wife and we are a family.

It feels good.

I’m Getting Married in the Morning

or really in the afternoon.  Tomorrow is our wedding day.  We will celebrate with one another and party with good friends and family.  I am so excited about the life that is ahead of us.

J, I cannot wait to start our life together.  We have been through a lot in this past year and a half, but I could not imagine my life any different.  Honestly, I don’t want to.  You are my best friend, my soul mate and my life partner.  I am glad that I found you that night and your honesty with me.  Our future will be bright because of the love and bond we share.  No matter the obstacles that are ahead of us we will face them as a team and we will not fail.  I know that I gave you a hard time about changing my last name, but I am truly excited about being your wife and your family.  I love you with all my heart.

Pause for a Wedding

I have a very good excuse for not having a post ready for today.  I promise, it’s a good one.

J and I are getting married Saturday.  We will be headed to the town that we will become Mr. and Mrs. in.  We will spend time with our closest family today while finalizing all the details for our perfect day.  I am counting my blessings that we hired a wedding coordinator to help us with all the small details.  Normally, I am on the ball and thrive with small details, but I have my heads in the clouds today.

I told you I had a good reason for the lack of post.  And this reason will stay for the rest of the week.  Sorry!


The Magic of Being Alone

The Magic of Being Alone Every once in awhile I get in one of those moods that I just can’t shake off.  It’s frustration mixed with sadness, a sense of being overwhelmed, and desperation.  Usually the onset of these type of moods comes from a couple of hard days at work where I just can’t seem to do anything right, too much time at home, not enough time at home, or too much to do and not enough time to do it.

Here we go, my complaints:

I work from home most days.  I have an office that I can go to, but most days it’s just easier to stay home with the pups.  So there are a lot of weeks that I am spending too much time at home.

Then I travel a lot.  A lot for our wedding and a lot for work.  I have to travel back to our old town every other week and stay for 2 days each time.  It gets hard being on the road for 12+ hours a month just for work and then add road trips to see family on top of that.

It’s hard to be diligent with every moment of my work day when I am not in the office with the file in my hands and little distractions.
The Magic of Being AloneWith this wedding less than 20 days away there is a lot to get done, crafts to finish, lists to make, packing to do, and making sure that I fit into my wedding dress.  It’s a lot to get done.

What I have to tell myself on days like these:

Although, I feel that I am not accomplishing as much as I was in the office, but I know that it’s little difference and my work quality is improving because I feel that I can take more time to complete each task.

The wedding is a celebration of J and I.  All that matters is that our friends and family are by our sides and we party the night away.  That does not require crafts or extra time organizing – it’s been taken care of and is ready to go.

I have an office and the days that I feel like I am not getting a lot done then I need to head over there and force myself to stay.  It’s nice there, quiet and doesn’t have 2 dogs that need attention.

The travel is temporary.  Work will not always have this much traveling and the wedding traveling will be over the moment on November 3rd when we walk through our front door.

Small thoughts that are totally “duh!” moments, but nonetheless they are necessary to repeat to myself.  The feeling typically does not last long and requires a quite moment by myself to snap out of.  I find that being myself with things that I enjoy doing help.  Like tonight, I packed for my next trip, watch the game on TV, went tanning (I know, I know not good for me.  But sometimes you just need a jolt of UV rays to make you feel whole again.), and worked on my blog.  J is out with friends, doing his thing.  The house is quiet and the dogs are sleeping.  It’s peaceful.


Our Wedding Invitations

wedding invitations
The moment I saw our invitations sitting outside our front door, I may have jumped a little.  I was so pumped that they came, they made it to our new address! 

wedding invitations

First thing I did was bring them inside and grab the camera, because that is normal, right?  The dogs were just as excited as I was or maybe just the box smelled… I am not sure.

wedding invitations

We opted for the simple Seal ‘N Send invites for several reasons:  1) they fit in perfect with what I wanted. 2) seemed easier for my friends to have a pull-off postcard to send back.  There was no envelope stuffing for our friends – so easy! 3) cost less to send and if you remember my save the dates I like saving money on postage.



Today is the day.  I am headed down to NOLA for my bachelorette party!  I will be down on Bourbon Street for the weekend celebrating with my sister, future sister-in-law, and close friends.  Cannot wait to party down and make memories that will last forever.

J and I are getting closer to our wedding, and this last fling before the ring is a reminder just how close we are getting.

Cheers to a good time!



People go through different phases of their life and interests from time to time.  Right now my phase is all about this wedding and getting everything perfect.  So, I am sorry that I do not have a post ready for today.  I have all these ideas swirling in my head and when I sit down to type them out – POOF! They go away.  I need to take some time this week to make a major long to-do list for the wedding, for work, and for around the house then I can come back with a clear  mind.

I am going to take today and tomorrow off from this little blog of mine to work on formalizing these ideas.

Thank you for being so understanding!  31 days until J and I get married and then life can resume, except I will be a Mrs. and no longer a Ms.


A Life Lived

Last night I had one of those down moments.  Where everything just seemed to be going wrong.  There is not enough time to get the details done, I haven’t found time to finish thank you cards for a shower, J could not do anything right, the dogs were driving me crazy, and I just needed to sleep.  It was a mountain to climb and I just did not have the strength to even try.

Those nights it is just best to call it a night and lay down to sleep.  I woke up this morning in a much better mood, realizing that things aren’t as overwhelming as I tend to make it.  Surprise!  I have a clearer outlook for today and spent time to make a list of what needs to get done.  I do love a good to-do list more than most things.

Life lately has been one big, fun ride with trips to see family, friends, and outings with some pretty fun people.  There are times when it hits me that this really is a great part of my life.  I am getting ready to marry by best my friend in less than 2 months.  Even though I get stressed out with wedding details, all the car rides for work and to see family – I am truly blessed.

Counting my blessings.

marrying J
two sweet, sweet dogs that truly love me unconditionally
a nice place to call home
a job that lets me have flexibility
great friends that have been there for me through so much
new friends that really make me feel like myself
family that has always supported me
J’s family that is there for us
the desire to be healthier and cook more at home

life lived

Life is good.


Bridal Shower


A few weeks ago my absolutely, wonderful, amazing family threw me the BEST bridal shower in my hometown.  There were over the 100 photos taken that day, don’t worry I’ll spare you and here is only a few.

bridal shower bridal shower bridal bridal shower

August Wrap Up and September Goals

August Wrap Up and September Goals

I cannot believe August is over and it’s time to create my September Goals.

I feel like it just started and we were in the process of packing up our lives to move across the state.  Pretty crazy how time flies when you’re having fun… unpacking boxes!  When I talked about my August goals I was pretty ambitious for someone who still had a lot of wedding planning to tackle, boxes to unpack, and friends to make.

1) get settled into our new home – 70/30

We are in the new home, we even have pictures on one of the walls.  However, there are still boxes in the guest bedroom that need to be unpacked – only 3 left and we have a lot of pictures to hang.  So, I would say we are about 70% there.

2) consistently write 3-4 posts a week – PASS

I believe I am averaging 4 posts a week.  I have even developed a posting schedule – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  I take the weekends and Wednesdays off – I think that’s a good mix.  Well, except for today – I decided to post this Wednesday and I am allowed to do that.

3) create a routine between all of my creative outlets (blog and etsy), work, and homelife – 90/10

I have created a pretty good routine for everything.  I work until 5-6 every day, then we have dinner and spend time together.  About 8:00 is when I start blogging or reading articles of interest.  I have had to take a cutback on my Etsy shop, not because it was growing like wildfire or anything, but we are trying to pay down debt and we decided that it would probably be best not to spend any more money on something until our little credit cards are paid down… sad face.

4) make progress on wedding planning – order the invites and finalize our favor idea – PASS

I have the wedding invites sitting next to me and they are gorgeous!  I love them oh-so-much!  I have the favor idea finalized and even have it marked in the calendar when I need to start buying everything for it.  The favor is SO me with Justin sprinkled in on top!  It’s going to be perfect for us.

5) design organizing templates – I’m going to say PASS

I have a budget template and a desktop template coming your way in the next few days… be on the lookout for that!

I think I am in a pretty good place for August.  Now, onto September goals.

1) Work on my side hustle to make some extra money
2) Purchase the big ticket items for our favors at the wedding
3) Pay $200 towards our smallest debt to make a dent
4) Finish funding our emergency fund
5) Knock out ¼ of the remaining Dave Ramsey videos

A lot to do with money, guess you can figure out where my mindset is lately.