The Newest Edition Coming May 2016

pregnancy announcement with dogs

Yep, you’re seeing that right.  J and I are expecting our first little bundle of joy in early May.  I have so many emotions and thoughts swimming through mind all the time.  I’m excited, scared, nervous, happy, thrilled, terrified, overwhelmed and frightened.  

We sent this pregnancy announcement to our family and friends a few weeks ago.  I have admit, trying to take this picture with all three dogs was difficult.  We ended up with over 50 pictures just to get one good one.  It was a great idea, but hard to execute!

Last weekend we had a gender reveal party with our family and friends.  We gathered everyone together and we each popped a black balloon filled with confetti.  It was a blast!  I’ll have to share more pictures about our party later.  But the good news is we found out we’re having a…

gender reveal gender reveal party

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