Three Dogs and a Baby Bump

The other day I was watching one of my favorite movies – 3 Men and a Little Lady.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the first one just as much.  It so sweet – the story of these suave-like men struggling with simple tasks like changing a diaper, feeding and hiding drugs in the baby’s diaper; and yet in the end that baby was exactly what they needed in the lives.  In the second one I just loved when Peter and Sylvia finally got together and they all lived happily ever after.

I have a little funny scenario going on in my life… three dogs and a baby bump.  These dogs just think they rule the house, which in reality they do.  But I haven’t been able to bring myself to tell them that will all change in just a few short months.  At times I feel like they have no idea what’s going on with Mom, especially when they decide to rough house and use the couch as the safe zone until one of them tackles the other.  Then they do something that surprises me – they’re calm.  Each one, in their own way.


The other night while sitting and watching TV, I was about to fall asleep when Bud came and joined me.  You see, J has let Bud think he controls the seat.  So he wants right in between your legs.  Usually using your leg as a pillow, but that night, Bud did something sweet.  He laid his head on my ever-growing belly and was calm.  We sat like that for an extra long time.  And I just knew that he was listening to his little brother in there.  The baby was calm, Bud was calm and I was able to close my eyes for a bit.

A similar situation happened with Tiny one night while laying in bed.  The baby was moving like crazy and sometimes it was actually hurting – he really likes those ribs!  Tiny came up and put her head on my belly … the baby laid still and settled.  As soon as Tiny got up the baby did a high kick straight into my ribs.  I think he liked having Tiny right there…. at least I did!


Maggie, she’s my princess.  My first one and the start to my strange-love to save all dogs.  She cuddles more and has wanted to spend a lot of time in the soon-to-be nursery. I can’t tell if she knows changing is coming or if she doesn’t want to miss any of it.

I’ve been noticing a pattern whenever one of the dogs put their heads on my belly.  Everyone gets calm.  I have a pretty strong feeling this little boy is going to be so loved, not just by me and J, but also by these three crazy dogs of ours.

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