Weight Loss Wednesday: Week 4

weight loss, weightlossI guess it’s about time I step on the scale to see where I’m at.  I’d like to set specific goals to work towards.  I would also like rewards for reaching those goals.  Not food rewards, people.  More tangible items like shoes, a massage (which I realize is not tangible, but it’s still leaves me feeling great), new clothes, a new book, etc.  I think it’s important to make the rewards things I normally wouldn’t go out and buy myself.

Nothing went right last week at all.  Wednesday night I started getting sick, I pushed through work Thursday coughing, and by Thursday night my fever spiked well above 101.  I was up most of the night coughing and in pain.  I went to the doctor first thing Friday morning and I was the second person between 8 and 9am that had a high grade fever.  GREAT.  I don’t like being that kind of winner.  I’ve had the flu shot, but if you’ve been watching the news then you know how this year’s flu vaccine isn’t that great.  So I was nervous, but my body didn’t ache as bad as the flu does.  So I was given antibiotics and told I probably have a sinus infection.  I went back home and slept the rest of the day.

I broke down and bough myself my favorite sick food – ice cream.  I scooped out one itty-bitty scoop to eat with my medicine.  I had one bite and couldn’t stand the taste of it any longer.  So I took a nap instead.  Usually when I’m sick the only foods I want are the bad ones, but this time I didn’t want anything.  I have barely ate the past few days.  I’ve actually done really good on not over-eating or eating anything too bad because it hasn’t sounded good.

I couldn’t let my sickness stop me because this past weekend was a busy one.  We drove 3 hours to Springfield, MO to visit friends then drove straight to St. Louis on Sunday for the Garth Brooks concert then came straight home (a 2 hour drive) so J could be at work by 6am on Monday morning.  It was long and very tiring.  Now I just want to catch up on sleep and veg out on the couch for the next week!  BUT I know that’s not going to happen.


Here’s where I compare my goals of last week to how I actually did:

1) prep at least 4 meals – success!  We went grocery shopping on Monday night and purchased all the food we needed for the next 2 weeks so I could have enough meals in case I wanted to change my mind on the plan.  That way we had options and didn’t not resort to eating out.
2) crossfit at least 3x – well… I went 1x.  I ended up getting too sick to go.
3) write in my journal – I have been consistent with this one.  I purchased a sketch book on clearance from Hobby Lobby weeks ago and have transitioned it into my thought-keeper.

Goals for next week:

1) celebrate my sister’s wedding
2) get back on track when we get home Tuesday
3) don’t splurge too much while gone
4) Crossfit at least 3x next week

I’ve laid out my 4 goals for next week.  What are your goals?

Oh and here is a nice little snapshot of J and I.  His family had pictures done a few weeks ago and this one is one of my favorites. 🙂

justin and meredith

 photo by: Lisa O’Heron.

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