Whole30 Second Week Meal Plan


whole30 meal plan, whole 30 meal plan

I’m on Day 8 of my first Whole30.  It’s rough.  I’m not even craving food – just diet coke!  I love me some diet coke!  I’m sick of water.  I’ve tried several flavors of coconut water and I didn’t care for them.  I can drink sparkling water, but barely.  It doesn’t taste good to me.  I think I’m going to have to buy some fruit to add to my water and sparkling water to make it a little tastier this next week.

I also woke up Tuesday with a super sore throat.  Luckily I thought about it before popping a cough drop and researched it to find there is no such thing as a whole30 compliant cough drop.  Bummer.  So I opted for teas and water with lemon.  It’s not the same as a cough drop.  But it’ll do.  I’m little worried about taking antibiotics, but I read on their site how they approve of antibiotics when needed.  I avoided Nyquil to be on the safe side, which made my achey head and sore throat that much worse.

Back to the meal plan…

I figured Fridays would be a good day to post my meal plan and thoughts from last week.  With the weekend right around the corner it’s nice to have a little more motivation to get through.

Here’s my Whole30 meal plan for January 10th through January 16th.  You can check out my last week’s meal plan, too.

whole30 meal plan, whole 30 meal plan

whole30 meal plan, whole 30 meal plan

whole30 meal plan, whole 30 meal plan

whole30 meal plan, whole 30 meal plan


Here are the recipes that I will be using this week, if it’s not listed then I used it last week and/or I’m making it up.

Taco Meat in the slow cooker from merelynne
Pot Roast from Rubies and Radishes
Italian broccoli, marinated antipasto and deviled chicken all come from The Best of The Best Italian cookbook with some adjustments

2 Thoughts on “Whole30 Second Week Meal Plan

  1. I’m curious to know what you’ll eat at the Mexican restaurant. I’m sure the first eight days are the hardest, so go you!

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