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Chh Chh Chh Changes!

I am changing a few things around the site over the next few weeks.  First up – emailing the most recent post.  If you subscribe to receive my updates (and you really, really should) then you probably noticed the email looked a little different.  Hopefully all the bugs were worked out before the message was sent, but if you notice any errors then please let me know.

I’ve switched everything over to Mail Chimp and am liking the ease of everything so far.

Also, if you read my posts directly on the site then you probably noticed the blue bar at the top of your screen.  I added a new way to gather information so others can receive a dose of love (or my new posts…).  As of now you will receive an email with each new post – just like before.  I will be working over the next few weeks to offer a thank you gift for signing up and when that happens I will switch the emails to be weekly instead of as a new post is created.  I do not like it when my inbox is overloaded and I really do not want to do that to you guys.

Thanks for the support and I am hoping the new system works flawlessly.



People go through different phases of their life and interests from time to time.  Right now my phase is all about this wedding and getting everything perfect.  So, I am sorry that I do not have a post ready for today.  I have all these ideas swirling in my head and when I sit down to type them out – POOF! They go away.  I need to take some time this week to make a major long to-do list for the wedding, for work, and for around the house then I can come back with a clear  mind.

I am going to take today and tomorrow off from this little blog of mine to work on formalizing these ideas.

Thank you for being so understanding!  31 days until J and I get married and then life can resume, except I will be a Mrs. and no longer a Ms.


New Prints + A Giveaway

etsy poster print etsy poster print etsy poster print etsy poster print

Some recent additions to the MereLynnConcepts shop over on Etsy.  Plus, I have a shop credit giveaway going on over at Living In Yellow with some other great offers.  Check it out!


Little Website Construction

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but it’s humorous.

I’m trying a little coding, a bit html work and suffering from a week-long headache. But in the end it will be worth it because I have my own domain! And I’m pretty freakin’ pumped!

Welcome to, the new home for my personal lifestyle blog and the MereLynneConcepts Etsy connection.

After about three hours of trying to import my old blog into the new domain, I finally was successful! Then the next night I spent about an hour to get a personalized email integrated and connected to my gmail.  This explains my week-long headache, right?

So, if you have any questions, comments on the new blog, or would like to tell me just how dumb I am for taking that long to get this all figured please hit me up at I’d like to make sure it really works hear from you, unless you’re going to insult me then I will read it, but won’t love it.

Now, all I ask is that you hold on and deal with the fact that I will be working on the design. I’m in the process of finding someone that won’t cost me an entire month’s wages is affordably priced to lend me a hand.