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Favorite Budget Books

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Growing up we weren’t rewarded for grades or sports achievements. Instead, we were rewarded for reading money books. Strange, I know. But that’s how our Dad worked. He thought that by encouraging us at a young age to get interested in money, savings and thinking bigger picture than we would be better off. I like to think it worked and believe that’s where I got a love of numbers from such an early age. I was recently asked what money books did I read as a little girl and would I encourage our son to read them as well.

While I can’t name every book I read (and some were more business related), I wanted to go through my top four for you.  If you haven’t read these then I suggest taking a look or adding them to your wish list.  They are monumental in helping shift your brain into breaking that paycheck-to-paycheck so many of us are stuck in.  Plus, the reading is usually pretty light, which is perfect after a long day of chasing toddlers around.  

Here we go, my favorite budget books:

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Richest Man In Babylon

The Total Money Makeover

The Simple Dollar

My favorite by far is probably Richest Man In Babylon.  I read that and it changed the way I think of savings.  I realized why my parents had me put back 10% of my weekly allowance into a savings envelope and then once a quarter we drove to the bank to deposit into our own savings account.  

I do plan on carrying on the tradition by having Dent read some money and budgeting books as well.  They offer Financial Peace Junior for little ones and I think that might be a good place to start once he’s a bit older.  He already has a savings account and any time he gets a little money for birthdays or Christmas, we deposit the money into his account. 

What are some of your favorite money or budget books?