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We Love Our DockATot

we love our dockatot

When our little one was just a month old we decided to break the one rule I said we would never do – we started co-sleeping.


He would sleep maybe 2 hours in his bassinet or crib before waking up wanting to be held. Then we started co-sleeping and the very first night he slept close to 5 hours straight.


I was sold on co-sleeping that very night. I wanted to make sure we did it safely for both us and baby. I had found DockATot through Instagram and fell in love with the cute designs and the ease of using it. I read testimonials and followed other bloggers that used their product.

Then I took a leap and purchased the deluxe version. It arrived less than a week after ordering it and we used it that night. Thanks to how they take care of their products the case didn’t even need to be washed before we used it the first time.

The DockATot changed how our baby sleeps!


He fits snuggly inside and it the DockATot fits between J and I at night. That way either one of us can tend to him if he wakes up. It’s about the size of a bed pillow so it doesn’t take up too much room. Luckily we already had transition to a California King bed months earlier so we weren’t even phased by the addition of another pillow.


This picture is embarrassing!  This crazy-mess of a bed is what we wake up to each morning.  J and I have used separate blankets for awhile now – I like multiple blankets and he gets hot way too easily. Plus we have three dogs that like to cuddle up, too.  Somehow we even take off the bottom sheet while sleeping.  I guess we’re just a mess. But Baby has no idea because he’s comfy in his DockATot.  

The only reason I’m sharing this real-life, embarrassing picture is because I was super curious how much room the DockATot would take up in our bed.  

What’s great about the DockATot is we can take it with us. When we traveled to Florida with my family and J’s family we just took the pillow with us. Baby wasn’t even phased by sleeping in a different room since he still had his cozy DockATot to cuddle in.  We shared a Queen bed during our trip and he still fit perfectly while J and I slept great too.  It was tighter than what we were use to, but still worked fine.

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