It only takes 21 Days to Make a Habit

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Did you know a habit can be made (or broken) in only three weeks?

I like to look at the positive side – let’s create a new habit. It’s not because I don’t have bad habits that need to be broken, but I want to encourage improvement and progress. Remember progress, not perfection.

It’s my motto.

What new habit am I going to work on creating? Simple. Being more active. My goal is to do something, anything that is active every day. I’ve been trying to take the little one and one of our dogs on a walk at least three times a week. Then I’ve added a workout DVD or program three times a week. You may be thinking… that’s only 6 days Meredith. You said every day. Well I did. And I am active. Every Wednesday night we have our bowling league. So I bowl 4 games and trust me, by the end of the night I’m exhausted.

I created a habit tracker to keep me motivated and to keep me accountable. I thought I should share it with you! Let’s be honest, we can all use a little motivation to create new habits or break bad ones.

You can get this tracker for free right now, but I may end up taking it down and offering it in my online store once I get it back up. So make sure you take advantage of it now, while it’s free.

Download your free make a habit tracker.

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