30 While 30

30 while 30

It seems that every year I come up with a birthday to do list. I’ve been doing it for awhile, even before documenting on the blog. This year my goals might be a little different since I’m a new mom and I’m still working on completing a few designations (Hello Certified Financial Planner!) for my career.

Here we go, my 30 while 30 list:

1. Listen to God more
2. Document our son’s first year as best as I can
3. Spend time with my three dogs to make sure they know they are still a priority
4. Pay down even more debt (this past year was amazing for J and I on knocking out debt and I want to keep it going)
5. Finish my CFP designation
6. Start my accounting degree
7. Become more active – lose the baby weight!
8. Learn to calm down more and let things slide
9. Organize my kitchen (sounds silly, but it’s a big goal of mine!)
10. Take a weekend trip with my little family
11. Eat healthy… most of the time
12. Share my stories of being a new mom with others
13. Take more time to be with my friends
14. Relax more
15. Start creating videos for my top financial tips
16. Go to a Blues game
17. Plan to see at least one concert
18. Try to encourage others more
19. Pray harder
20. Enjoy every moment with my new family
21. Take a photography class
22. Learn to side hustle a little better
23. Support J more – emotionally, spiritually, etc.
24. Be a good mother
25. Take more risks
26. Don’t be afraid of adventures
27. Volunteer more to charities I am passionate about
28. Become a better health-conscious baker
29. Smile more
30. Worry less

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