What I’ve Learned From Owning A Dog

What I've Learned From Owning a Dog
1) their love is unconditional and always forgiving.  They easily let go of the fact you’re home an hour late or can’t take them to the dog park like your promised.

2) it takes hard work to care for another living being.  I mean, you have to fill their water bowl up several times a day.  Heaven forbid you’re a little late on serving dinner because you might end up with a dinner bowl chewed to pieces and strewn across the living room.

3) they don’t judge you for eating your second helping of ice cream… in the past 20 minutes.  If they had it their way that jar of treats you have on the counter would be gone in less than 5 minutes.

4) how to be polite to a passerby who thinks you have the sweetest dog in the world.  Because, the truth is, you do have the sweetest dog in the whole wide world and it’s only natural they want to share in your joy.

5) they never complain about my cooking and are always eagerly awaiting a taste or better yet, leftovers.  I’ve learned to eat my dinners with my plate as close to my face as possible so I do not have to glimpse into those sad puppy-dog eyes.

6) their attention to security is of utmost importance.  They will stand on guard at every window and open door in the house to alert you that there is a leaf blowing across the front yard.

7) finally accepting that every article of clothing will mysteriously have dog hair embedded into the fabric.  Honestly, you wouldn’t have it any other way.  You secretly smile every time you look down and see one of those blonde pieces on your dress pants.

8) your alarm clock now consists of getting licked in the face, stepped on and the occasional bark.  This is all done out of love.  You see, your precious would hate for you to be late to work or even worse, late to taking her outside to chase the squirrels.

9) how to save money for extravagant purchases like rabies shots, flea and tick preventive, and ‘spa’ days.

10) how a good lick, a wag of their tail and running in circles can turn any bad day into an acceptable one because you have the love of your dog.  She doesn’t care how bad your day was because hers was excruciating without you home.  She didn’t know for sure that you would return like your promised as you left that morning and she sat all day waiting for your car to pull up.  You are the best part of her day and she is so thankful that you’re home.

Everyday I’m learning something new from owning a dog.  Actually, in all truth – I don’t own a dog.  We are partners in this life, through the good and the bad.  I was blessed the day she entered my life and am grateful for the time we have together.  If anything, she owns me and has me wrapped around her little paw.

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2 Thoughts on “What I’ve Learned From Owning A Dog

  1. I now have three rescue mutts and I love them dearly. A lot of what you say sooo hits home. Especially the alarm clock in the face licks. New to your blog. Howzit! 🙂

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