When Your Little One Gets Sick

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tips for when baby gets sick, mom tips

There is nothing worse then when your sweet, smiling little one gets sick. You would do anything to take away their pain and sickness. I know I would gladly take their fever or their earache so he wouldn’t have to feel the pain.

Last week our little man ended up with a cold that led to a double ear infection. Mix in some teething and we were in for an amazing week! Can you detect my sarcasm? I am so fortunate that my job is flexible. I can stay home with him if needed or I can take him to work with me on the days I need to be in the office. I’m lucky. Not every Mom or Dad gets to do that.

tips for when baby gets sick, mom tips

dog lounging, motherhood 

But when you’re not used to staying home day after day then by the end of the week you feel like you got punched in the gut a few times. I was exhausted. I had tried hard to keep the house clean, the dogs were getting too spoiled with having me home all day – meaning they wanted outside every 20 minutes to sniff around and bark into thin air. Not to mention there is only so many times you can hear Daniel Tiger’s theme song before you want to scream fast first into a pillow!

 One of the best tips I found online was a way to track our Baby Boy’s medications.  You think once in the morning and once in the evening would be easy to remember, but it’s not.  Especially when you have two adults trying to help and a dog that is on daily medications as well.  Some days J has time in the mornings and sometimes he doesn’t.  Instead of just having to rely on one another or call each other with “did you give the dog his meds?  what about the baby? did you feed the dogs?”  It’s too much.  I quickly grabbed a Sharpie and drew two sections – AM and PM.   Then drew lines going across so there would be one box for each day.  Now if you give him the medicine, just mark it off. Problem solved!  I love Pinterest!

tips for when baby gets sick, mom tips

I also found a few baby-friendly activities that we did together.  First, we played with our Tupperware.  We pounded it together, we threw it around and it was the best!  When that fun wore off I jumped onto the next activity.  Mess free painting.  Again, that was another win but it didn’t last long.  Why can’t this boy of mine have a longer attention span!?  Finally, I discovered his love of the dogs’ water bowl.  He’d race to it as fast as he could and I would jump up and tell him no.  We would go back and forth until I finally barricaded him in using the excersaucer and bouncer.  He wasn’t happy and tried to climb through the walker to get to it.  

There is nothing worse then when your little one gets sick.  Am I right?

By Saturday morning our little guy was feeling so much better. But of course J and I woke up feeling awful. Great! You know, I said I would take his sickness from him? Well that didn’t mean when he was finally getting over it. I didn’t want him to suffer at all. Now I have (an almost) well kid that wants to play and two parents who feel like crap.


Let’s hope these meds kick in fast because I can hear him in the kitchen knocking over the trash can with his walker as I type this. Cheers to the weekend!

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