Our Newest Addition…

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J and I have expanded our family by one… a hound-mix that we named Bud.  AHHH! He’s just so cute and cuddly.  So Thursday morning I get a call from J telling me about a dog that had been dumped at Kroger and was wandering around the fuel pumps.  He went on to say they had called the pound over an hour ago, but no one had showed up.  THE POUND?!??! The pound in town is awful!  Dirty, dark, and very rarely does a dog get adopted.  I went running into my Dad’s office with tears in my eyes asking what I should do.  J is the logical one, the sane one, the realistic one… I’m not.  So for him to literally say “go get him.”  I had to.  Just had to.  I pulled up and there he was sound asleep in the hot sun.  I scooped him up with more tears in my eyes and drove straight to our vet.  He was checked out, given shots, and flea treatment… now he’s home.  We named him Bud Weiser.  Don’t judge – J works for an AB distributor.

Maggie_edited Tiny_edited

The other two dogs are taking their time getting used to their new brother.  Tiny wants to play, but she doesn’t realize just how much bigger she is.  Maggie … oh Maggie, she licks his face and wags her tail, but she needs to realize that she’s still the queen bee.
Bud's paw

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7 Thoughts on “Our Newest Addition…

  1. You are GREAT people. We have 2 rescues at home, so I know the deal of ‘poor dog, let’s take him home’. Maybe the best things we did in our lives were saving their lives. May the new addition live happily with you 😉

  2. I remember when my Max was a puppy! I was getting nostalgic the other night looking at old pictures of when we first brought him home, like you would at pictures of your kid!

    • It’s crazy how much love we have for these pups! My house has more pictures of them then they do of me and my husband. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  3. OH my gosh he is the sweetest thing!

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