The Perfect Day

wedding day thoughtsThe weather was absolutely perfect.  A crisp 54 degrees with not a cloud in sight.  I walked through the gate into the lush garden that was filled with beautiful fall colors.  All of our family and friends stood up to see me walk down the aisle with my Dad by my side as “Marry Me” by Train softly played in the background.

My eyes met J’s and tears instantly came from both of us.  This was the moment that I had been planning for and waiting for these past nine months.  I looked away from keep from sobbing, but every eye I met walking down that aisle was filled with tears.  It was no use – I was going to cry.

The whole day was breathtaking and was filled with love, laughter and a lot, a lot of tears.  I do not come from a crying family, but we could not convince one person of that fact the whole day.

This past Saturday, J and I were married in front of everyone we love and those that could not make the trip for many different reasons were there in spirit – we felt them with us.  Now, I am no longer engaged.  I am someone’s wife and we are a family.

It feels good.

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