Riding Along and Piling on the Wedding Stress

wedding stress

My life is just one long car ride these days and that is causing some serious wedding stress.

Every other week I head back to our old town to work for a few days then I head back home.  That ride is 3 hours one way and has to be the absolute most boring drive in the history of drives.  I mean more boring than having a professor in a monotone voice talk about the Cold War.  I am ready for the day to come that I do not have to make that drive every 2 weeks.  At this point, I would be ecstatic with just once a month.

Add all of our awesome wedding plans on top of the driving for work.  I have had to drive to my hometown for a shower, next weekend I am driving to our old town for another shower and then travel for my bachelorette party.  Well all of these trips are pretty awesome and I am not complaining about them at all.  I miss my family and my friends, so these trips are totally worth it!

Let’s just say I will be happy when each weekend does not have an out of town trip planned so that J and I can spend a Saturday together with no plans.  39 more days until we walk down that aisle and prepare to spend the rest of our lives together.  I love that man, he is my best friend and soulmate.


One Thought on “Riding Along and Piling on the Wedding Stress

  1. I love long drives! It’s the best time for karaoke! It’s definitely stressful when it’s often though. I go back to my hometown every weekend which is only about an hour and a half a way, and it’s tiring to do all of the time.

    Best of luck with the showers!

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