The True Weekend Look

I see all these bloggers that talk about their Saturday morning brunch at some super-hipster place and they look flawless.  That’s not me though.  Let’s be honest for a bit.  I don’t usually wear makeup on the weekends, I rarely get out of my sweat pants, and my hair is 98% of the time in a ponytail or top-knot.

Here’s a real shot of me on Saturday about 2:30.  We just got home from helping some awesome friends move into their new house.  J was taking a nap on the couch and I was getting ready to go study for a few hours.

Warning: this is not a pretty shot, I look rough.  

merelynne, truth about weekend look, look of the day Told you, I was looking rough.

That picture makes me look like I have lots of freckles, but I think it’s just the camera on my laptop. I guess it kind of looks like dirt a little, but I had just washed my face so it has to be the computer.  Yes, the computer.  I have better skin…. yeah, a lot better.

Sometimes I’m envious of those bloggers who wear cute clothes on the weekends, but that’s not me and I wouldn’t be real if I took a picture of myself dressed like that.  Honestly, if you ever see a picture of me dressed up on a weekend then you can probably assume that I changed into yoga pants about 3 minutes after the picture was taken.  That’s more me.

4 Thoughts on “The True Weekend Look

  1. Love this post! I hardly wear makeup/dress up on the weekend unless I have somewhere to be. Sundays are meant to be comfy and lazy. I love brunch but that doesn’t mean I am putting make up on. haha


    • I so agree! I do not have to impress anyone on the weekends. My main goal is to just be comfortable! I’m glad I’m not alone!

  2. I actually don’t think you look rough in that picture. :] And there’s nothing wrong with dressing for comfort!

    • Thanks! I appreciate that! I was afraid that my tiredness would really show, plus the dread of having to go study for a few hours.

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