Things I Love

It’s been a pretty good week so far.  Lots of happenings.  Work has been crazy busy, but I do enjoy it so there are no complaints there.  J and I have a couple of exciting weeks ahead of us and I can’t wait to let you all in on them.

But that won’t be today.
Right now I’m loving…
dog falling asleep
walks with the pups, cooking dinner at home, preparing our lunches ahead of time,

total divas
Total Divas, the sun being up longer, warmer weather, chocolate caramel creamer (not the healthiest, but only in moderation), frozen yogurt cups, BBQs with friends, family game days, a big reveal coming in a few weeks, the thought of this time next month (goes with the big reveal), pretty flowers, daydreaming,
things i lovesleeping in on Saturdays,making breakfast on the weekends, and so much more.

One Thought on “Things I Love

  1. I’m loving similar sorts of things–lunches with people that I love, catching up on sleep a little bit, and looking forward to things coming up. Love gratitude posts!

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