Introducing Baby Food Schedule

baby food schedule, which first foods should i try

I wanted to share with you the baby food schedule we created for our little guy’s first foods. I thought having a schedule would have been so nice when we first started out. Here’s what we did.

Now there is no need to follow this schedule exactly. You can mix it up, add different foods, etc. Our doctor told us that any foods are good to try first. The old rule of giving cereal at the beginning or vegetables first is outdated. She told me we could start with just about anything. We just needed to make sure it was pureed and cooked, at least at the beginning. I shared in one of my baby food making adventure videos that the reason you want to cook most of the fruits and vegetables (not bananas or avocados or some others that are out there) is that by cooking them you are helping break down the sugars. It makes it a lot easier for their little bodies to digest the foods that way. Once your little one gets bigger then you may not need to cook some of the foods you are giving them.

I went to my local Wal-Mart to find all of these foods. I bought what was on sale, prepared them and then froze them for later use. I thought by making more ahead of time then I would be able to just pull and thaw and not have to worry about coming home from a long day to make more.

Here’s the baby food schedule we followed:

Introducing Baby Food Schedule

You can click the image above or click for a Introducing Baby Food Schedule

I actually took this baby food schedule and printed out a monthly calendar since we started in the middle of August.  Then I hung it on our fridge.  That way we could take a quick look to see which food our guy would be having that day.  It was also nice because we went out of town a few weekends, so I was able to just pull the frozen containers that we needed, place them in a cooler while we traveled.  

Wait 3 days before introducing foods.

Again you don’t have to follow this schedule or any schedule perfectly.  Just don’t introduce too many new foods at once.  You want to give your little one a chance to get used to it and make sure they won’t have a reaction.  That’s why you’ll notice at least 3 days before any new foods are added.  If he does have a reaction then we’ll know which food caused it.

Also, just because you see 6 different foods for one day doesn’t mean that’s the food we will use.  We will use a combination of those foods for that given day.  

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