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Happy Birthday, My Darling

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Happy birthday.  You are my best friend, my rock and the man I desire.  I love you more with every passing day.
engagement photo happy birthday
When I was younger I asked God and wondered how my future would look.  I was curious about the path I would take and the man I would call mine for all eternity.  I know He had a plan for me and that plan was you.  I am glad I didn’t have a crystal ball to tell me what life would be like because I would have been skeptical.  Some days I cannot fathom how I got this lucky.  I have the opportunity to spend the rest of my days with someone like you, it’s a blessing.  You are a blessing.
Here is to the next 365 days of your life and I hope they are filled with joy, love, and laughter.


10 Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage

There are ways to strengthen your marriage because it should come as no surprise that a marriage takes some work.

10 ways to strengthen your marriageIf it is a surprise then you must be living in a rom-com that has a happily ever after and the credits roll just as the have their grand finale kiss.  Marriage is hard.  It has its good days and its not-so-good days.  We struggle learning each other’s rhythm and thought process.  But in the end it is so worth it.  I have never worked at something like I have marriage and have it be the most rewarding gift I could ever imagine.

We’re not perfect, but to me that’s half the journey.  Lust is something that gives you a high, but love is what you work for, strive for and in the end – what you earn.

 There are proven ways to strengthen your marriage.
ways to strengthen your marriage
Here are my top 10 that we strive for every day.

1) Listen to One Another
2) Learn to Fight Fair
3) Don’t be afraid to pray together
4) Laugh
5) Date like you’re sixteen again
6) Like each other’s friends
7) Don’t pass judgment
8) Have your own life
9) Send sweet nothings
10) Be selfless

I love my husband with all my heart.  There are days that he gives a lot and days that I give a lot, but all that matters is that we give to one another selflessly and with our whole hearts.

What I’ve Learned From Marriage After Only One Week

It’s been a little over a week since our wedding day. Some might think its hard to believe someone might be able to learn so much in just one week, but it is possible.

I heard from so many that marriage changes people, even in small ways. I thought everyone was crazy or exaggerating just to scare us. Little did I know that we should have listened to the advice if other married couples.

What I’ve learned:

I don’t overreact as easily as I did a week ago. My stress levels are much lower. I knew that once the wedding was over I would take a deep breath, but family was right. Stress does seem to fade away.

it’s okay to go to bed early, some nights. I’m a pretty big night owl and J wakes up about 2 hours before me every morning. It’s nice going to be with my husband.

We keep a much neater house.

I like to be domestic and have a home cooked meal for dinner.

That we still laugh and joke around as much as we used to.